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    Rakhine extremists set Rohingya house on fire amid repatriation deal

    By The Stateless Rohingya

    MAUNGDAW: A Rohingya house was intentionally set on fire by Rakhine extremists in Quarter 3, Maungdaw on January 27, 2018.

    A group of seven Rakhine settlers from a Buddhist village entered its neighbouring Rohingya Shundori Fara of Quarter 3 and burned the house at around noon. The group fled the scene as soon as setting it on fire.

    Instead of arresting the Rakhine extremists, a fire brigade arrested a Rohingya man to interrogate while he was attempting to extinguish the fire, a local watchdog confirmed.

    As it enters into the month of repatriation process for more than 650,000 Rohingya refugees, who fled to Bangladesh from the genocidal campaign, after reaching agreement between Myanmar and Bangladesh without the consultation of Rohingya, the remain Rohingya inside the country face their houses being burned down, daily harassment and extortion, torture and arrest, forced ethnic-reclassification via the smear NVC (National Verification Cards) cards campaign and denial of basic human rights.

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