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    Letter to Prime Minister of Bangladesh on Rohingya Repatriation

    The Honorable Sheikh Hasina

    The Prime Minister

    The People’s Republic of Bangladesh

    Old Sangsad Bhaban

    Tejgaon, Dhaka-1215



    Dear Honorable Prime Minister,

    On behalf of Rohingya community, The European Rohingya Council (ERC) would like to appeal to you to re-consider “Rohingya Repatriation” deal so that the return of Rohingya to their homeland is sustainable, safe and dignified.

    Bangladesh has showed an example to the world on how to handle a refugee crisis when nearly one million Rohingya fled Myanmar’s genocide against Rohingya since 25th August 2017. We appeal to you to show the same level of dedication to humanity in the months to come. The national aspiration of all Rohingya living in exile is to return to their ancestral land and to live there in peace with full dignity. Similarly, all Rohingya who survived Myanmar’s recent genocidal campaigns and took shelter in Bangladesh dream to go back to their ancestral land once their return is safe and sustainable, and their basic human rights are guaranteed. Failing to address these issues would only create a vicious cycle of Myanmar’s genocidal campaign against Rohingya. Myanmar has never been sincere in its dealing with Rohingya issues. According to current repatriation deal, Myanmar is planning to put all returned Rohingya into the concentration camps and to induce slow death in the camps.

    Therefore, we appeal to you to re-consider “Rohingya Repatriation” deal and to implement your 5-point plan proposed to UN General Assembly last year. We also urge you to use all the power in your hand to send Rohingya back to their ancestral land only when their safety and basic human rights including citizenship is guaranteed. Until then Rohingya deserve the same humanity as you have showed during the beginning of the crisis in August 2017.

    On behalf of Rohingya Community,

    The European Rohingya Council

    The Netherlands

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