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    Photo Census – another tactic employed to harass remaining Rohingya in Myanmar

    By The Stateless Rohingya

    MAUNGDAW: Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) is harassing the remaining Rohingya civilians with extortion and arbitrary arrest under the pretext of photo census across Maungdaw and Buthidaung township since last week.

    A team of BGP officers arrived in U Shey Kya (locally known as Bura Shidda Para) of Maungdaw on December 19. The team arrested Movli Zafar Alam (43, son of Molvi Bodiur Rahman) while he was attending the photo shootout for the census at 10AM (GMT +6:30).

    Similarly, another Rohingya, Rozi Alam (28, son of Kuilla Miah) from the same village was also detained on December 13 by the same officers.

    The BGP team reportedly roams the remaining Rohingya villages in Maungdaw to constantly extort money and harass the villagers.

    On December 19, the team arrested five more Rohingya from Thay Ra Oo (Mangala) village. The fishermen were arrested while returning from their fishery, who are still detained for not able to pay the extortion money demanded by the officers.

    Rohingya citizen journalists from the ground report that the team now enters Kyat Yoe Pyin (Kiyari Ferang) village tract where the villagers have suffered tremendous loss in terms of lives and properties since Clearance Operations were unfolded in October 2016. It is still unclear whether the officer extort or arrest any villagers.

    Photo census is used by the border guard police to check how many Rohingya remain in the region and also often use to harass the villagers. NaSaKa, the defunct border security force which was replaced by Border Guard Police (BGP) has committed severe human rights abuses against Rohingya along the border region. Now BGP carries the notorious atrocities under the leadership of Senior-general Min Aung Hlaing whose armed forces have already committed crimes against humanity which account genocide against Rohingya.