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    Myanmar troops bulldozed 16 mosques last week in Maungdaw

    By The Stateless Rohingya

    MAUNGDAW: Myanmar Armed Forces along with Rakhine extremists reportedly bulldozed and razed 16 of 17 remaining mosques in Haindá Fara (Myo Thu Gyi) village tract, Northern Rakhine State on December 3, 2017.

    Rohingya villagers said the military have been attempting to destroy the religious infrastructures since the outbreak of the campaign of genocide in late August. Having destroyed in massive arson attacks which left only the remains of few structures of houses and 17 mosques, Myanmar authorities accompanying Rakhine extremists bulldozed the mosques last week.

    Among them is one of the oldest mosques built in 1752 before the invasion of Arakan Kingdom (now Rakhine State) by Burmese King Bodaw Hpaya in 1784.

    “After burning our houses, they (authorities) are targeting our religious structures so openly and the government set them free do so,” said a villager in a despair voice.

    The 17 mosques destroyed were located in Utor (South) Fara, Furan (Old) Fara, Centre of Haindá Fara village track. According to the villager, the remaining single mosque is expected to be demolished to erase the religious structures from one of the largest village tracts of Maungdaw Township.

    While Rohingya are physically targeted by the military by killing, burning and raping, their physical structures such as religious buildings are intentionally destroyed with full impunity. The campaign of genocide has left more than 620,000 Rohingya fled over 300 completely burned villages into Bangladesh.

    The continuation of atrocities is the sign that Rohingya will not be guarantee the safety and security once they are repatriated to Rakhine State.

    On December 5, the UN said it “cannot rule of genocide” being committed against the Rohingya community by Myanmar Military.