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Armed Rakhine Mob leaves Rohingya Fisherman in Critical Condition

By The Stateless Rohingya

A Rakhine mob armed with machetes and spears attacked a Rohingya youngster in Buthidaung on December 24.

Kabir Ahmed, son of Abdu Rahim, is a fisherman by profession who hails from Kwain Daung Village, was left in critical condition after being attacked by the Rakhine mob while he was fishing in a stream of Sin Daung village.

While fishing, he was asked by seven Rakhine to assist them crossing the river, and as soon as reaching on the other side, they attacked Kabir Ahmed with the machetes three times and with the spear twice.

He jumped into the water with the profusely bleeding shoulder and body injuries. He was rescued by a nearby fisherman in Sabbain Daung villager after hearing his screams and seeing him drowning.

“I saw a group of armed Rakhine leaving the bank of river quickly and also saw him (Kabir) drowning in the middle of the stream,” explained the rescuer fisherman.

Kabir remains in critical situations and in need of immediate medical attention.

Since the outbreaks of campaign of genocide against Rohingya, which expelled more than 650,000 Rohingya from Rakhine State, the remaining Rohingya villagers live in extreme forms of human rights abuses – blocking humanitarian aid, movement, livelihood, education and healthcare, and frequently fall victims of Rakhine and other Buddhist extremist mobs.

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