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    The essence of mass atrocities against Rohingya

    Photo: UNHCR/Roger Arnold

    By Ibrahim Shah

    Amid the heavily ongoing state-sanctioned mass atrocity against Rohingya led by army, it is endmost time for Bangladesh, ASEAN,US, EU-Turkey and OIC to observe the essence lies behind the silence of State Counsellor Suu Kyi, the Army general Min Aung Hlaing , neighboring powerful states— India and China

    According to previous several versions of history of occupied Arakan (Rohang) written by non-Rohingya, it (Rohang) was never the birth place of Tibeto-Burmans (presently Myanmarese).  Eventually, the then tibeto-Burman King Bow Taw Paya invaded the Arakan in the year 1784. Since then, the tibeto-Burmans have been playing several atrocious roles— 1.  Created the term Kalar( a derogatory term ) for non-southern descendants in order to Burmanize by Buddhisizing  called “Burma is for only Buddhists”, and built several pagodas and temples in order to convince Buddhists to hate non-Buddhists and published several books of non-Buddhism religions titled “Danger for extinction of Buddhism”  2. Deprived the Rohingya citizenship under 1982 Burmese Citizenship Act drafted by Dictator Ne Win, imposed territorial ruling policies based on Divide and Rule—barred ethnic minorities in particular Rohingya from engaging in higher education, government services in particular Militarism and politics, banned movement from one place to another and imposes daily renewal military operations which caused fleeing of almost all Rohingya male by embracing uncertain destinations.

    In 2012, army backed President Thein Sein empowered hardliner monks by freeing life-sentenced Buddhist criminals; instigated nationwide anti-Muslim hatreds and anti Rohingya propagandas in the name of Protecting Buddhism and National Security, and launched barbaric state-sponsored atrocious Acts in western Myanmar (the most Rohingya populous Area)—arson attack, rape, slaughtering, detention, forced Benglization, forced eviction, killing by improper injection in hospitals, denial of treatment to the serious Rohingya patients by Buddhist doctors at government hospitals, etc.

    In 2015, in order to finally deprive the human rights of Rohingya, army backed quasi-civilian regime led by President Thein Sein disenfranchised Rohingya. In 2017, based on the most barbaric Acts of the brutal Burmese armed forces, a handful Rohingya insurgent fought back against them. Then, the state Councellor Suu Kyi (the most powerful person of the ruling NLD party)  and the Commander-in-Chief General Min Aung Hlaing(who martially syndicated the ultimate power of the Myanmar state), conspired and launched “the ever first-initiated human destructive Act in western Myanmar— killing the whole Rohingya family by arson attack villages using Launcher and burning dead bodies with petrol”  in order to conclude the final stage of Rohingya genocide in the name of terrorist cleansing.

    Since 1980s, the Rohingya people have been facing the unprecedented livelihood-crisis in the hands of Army but the entire Rohingya people never decided to migrate for a better future because their native place is Arakan.

    When Myanmar armed forces started to perpetrate the unprecedented inhumane activities against Rohingya—arson attack the whole villages, and slaughtering the whole families, brutally raping minor girls and pregnant women in front of mothers and husbands— hundreds of thousands of Rohingya started to flee into Bangladesh walking by foot for 15 days or more through the dark mountains full of several wild animals and poisonous insects just expecting for one more breathing safely.

    Once the international community raised voices to stop the brutalities against Rohingya, Suu Kyi responded that the armed forces conduct terrorist cleansing but not ethnic cleansing.”Is there any state in world that cleansed the rebels (terrorist by the language of Myanmar brutal and rapist armed force) through—arson attack the whole villages, killing thousands of innocent civilians and repeatedly raping minor girls until reach to death?

    The ruling notorious Commander-in-Chief Min Aung Hlaing deployed brutal armed forces in western Myanmar (the Rohingya populous Area—Rathedaung, Buthidaung, Maung Taw) to conduct brutal military operations by the name of Terrorist Cleansing against Rohingya. When the mass atrocities of Myanmar armed forces against Rohingya was highlighted by flood of international condemnation, Min Aung Hlaing stated that there is no Rohingya in Myanmar despite the fact that there are a lot of officially recognised evidences of the term Rohingya.

    The notorious Indian Prime minister Modi kept silence about the brutalities against Rohingya and strictly stressed for the security and development of Arakan. The China (one of the Veto Powers) reiterated that it supports the security activities of Myanmar armed forces in western Myanmar and repeatedly opposes the UN Security Council’s resolution to stop Rohingya genocide. Both India and China violated Universal Declaration of Human Rights denying the ongoing state-sanctioned mass atrocities against Rohingya as Rohingya genocide.

    It is very sad today that international media and intellectuals omitted the main essence why Myanmar heavily commits mass atrocities against Rohingya and these two powerful states—India and China both diplomatically and politically forbid UN from taking severe actions against Myanmar. Both India and China deeply planned to build strong Power at Bay of Bengal investing in mega projects in western Myanmar (the Rohingya populous Area) after consolidating the armed force; that’s why both India and China opposes UN’s severe action against Myanmar for perpetrating Rohingya genocide.

    “Based on the Bangladeshi Sovereignty, Bangladesh should beware the upcoming negative impacts of the tricky-stability of India and China at Bay of Bengal by India-China-led mega projects in western Myanmar and the repeated massive influx of Rohingya refugees.”

    Accordingly, ASEAN should deeply prepare to tackle the upcoming tricky-stability of these two major states—India and China at Bay of Bengal through mega projects in Arakan which are indeed more dangerous than tryphobia. Now it is the final chance for ASEAN whether it will take all the necessary measurements to stop Rohingya genocide cooperating with US and EU-Turkey in order to prevent from upcoming infection of tryphobia invented by India and China or will become trade-salve of India and China by keeping silence.

    As OIC makes various efforts to make a prosperous and harmonious world where every creature can live with enough sustenance, OIC should predict the most dangerous negative impacts of the tricky-stability of India and China at Bay of Bengal through mega projects in western Myanmar and it should make all efforts to stop Rohingya genocide occurring in western Myanmar in order to prevent the upcoming negative impacts of tricky-stability of India and China.

    As US and EU-Turkey save the most valued creature lives (human beings) of the world by the latest human protective shield—democracy, and US and EU-Turkey should politically predict the upcoming negative impacts on the US-EU- Turkey foreign affairs for Asia when the tricky-stability of India and China be placed at Bay of Bengal through mega projects in Arakan.

    Rohingya Appeal: Without waiting any good expectations from the criminally combined Myanmar joint-force of Rohingya genocide— (the southern faces like Chinese people) Armed force led by General Min Aumg Hlaing, NLD government led by State-Counsellor Suu Kyi, various monk associations led by Wirathu and other prominent monks including Sithagu Monk, Buddhist journalists, Buddhist social activists including 88 generation student leader Myint Ko Naing and Mya Aye— Rohingya desperately hope that Bangladesh, ASEAN,OIC, EU-Turkey and US will make all efforts to stop the Rohingya genocide and the restoration of Rohingya human rights in their native place western Myanmar.

    The writer’s social account: @ibrmshah