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    Kuwait still stands in solidarity with Rohingya – Amb. Al-Otaibi

    NEW YORK, Oct 17 (Kuwait News Agency) — Kuwait stands in solidarity with the Rohingya and the government of Bangladesh which is hosting people trying to escape from the horrendous acts carried out by the authorities in Myanmar, said a top Kuwaiti diplomat Tuesday.

    Kuwait’s permanent delegate to the UN headquarters in New York Ambassador Mansour Al-Otaibi told a meeting geared towards supporting the Rohingya that the event touched on the Kuwaiti humanitarian assistance to the prosecuted minority.

    He indicated that the UN meeting thanked the Kuwaiti efforts in aiding the Rohingya, affirming that his country was eager to live up to its UN honorary status as an international humanitarian hub.

    The meeting touched on the upcoming Geneva conference on October 23 on the humanitarian response for the Rohingya in Bangladesh, said Ambassador Al-Otaibi. He added that participants in the upcoming event must intensify their efforts to realize the goal of gathering USD 2.3 million for this noble cause.

    Ambassador Al-Otaibi indicated that today’s meeting also touched on statistics regarding this humanitarian catastrophe, revealing that since August 25, some 539,000 Rohingya have crossed the borders to seek refuge in Bangladesh.