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    DAY 6: Myanmar military atrocities against Rohingya

    By The Stateless

    As the day 6 enters, Myanmar military continues and ramps up atrocious acts mass killing, destruction of houses and villages and massive forced displacement in Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung townships.

    Min Gyi (Tulathuli), North Maungdaw

    On Wednesday, 30 August, the military accompanying Buddhist extremists rampageously killed a number of fleeing Rohingya civilians after their houses were burnt down in Min Gyi (Tulathuli) village, northern Maungdaw.

    One of the villagers who lost his family members recounts the atrocity, “When the military and Rakhine extremists raided the west side of our village, we were fleeing from the opposite side. While I was bringing some household stuffs from the house for my family who left before, I witnessed from the hilltop that all of my family members were shot and burnt with patrol.

    Now I am the only one left in the family. There are so many families who lost their fathers, mothers, sons, daughters and beloved ones.”

    He estimated that almost half of his villagers were killed today with gun firings from helicopters onto the fleeing Rohingya villagers.

    Kyauk Hle Kar, Maung Nama and Foki Taung of Laung Don , Northern Maungdaw

    The three villages are also set on fire by the military the extremists with arsons in the early morning today. The number of casualties is yet to know, and expected to be high.

    Quarter 3 and 5, Central Maungdaw

    Rohingya from Mangala hamlet of Quarter 3 in downtown Maungdaw were forced to leave their homes as the military and the Rakhine extremists set them on fire.

    Quarter 5 is reported under attack again in the early morning, where gun shots are heard.

    Chut Pyin, Rathedaung

    Hundreds of Rohingya villagers were massacred and injured from the arson attacks in Chut Pyin, Rathedaung which entirely locked down and is one of the worse affected township since August 25.

    Taung Bazar, North Buthidaung

    The Rohingya-majority township Buthidaung also again comes under severe crimes against humanity, where massive displacement takes place, particularly Taung Bazar located in the north of Buthidaung. More than 50, 000 are estimated to be displaced as hundreds of houses were set on fire by the military.

    Instead of providing protection and conducting with restrain and rule of law after the clashes with a group of Rohingya insurgents, the military are collaborating with Buddhist extremist groups in committing what already amounts to crimes against humanity.

    Humanitarian crisis is acute and very dangerous as the Rohingya civilians are without food, shelter and medicine.

    More than 20,000 fled into Bangladesh while at least 30 thousand are still stranded on the border after more than 50 villages in the three townships were torched down by the military and the extremists.