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    At least one Rohingya killed, scores injured in Extremist Rakhine Mob Attack

    By The Stateless Rohingya

    SITTWE: An extremist Rakhine mob attacked a group of internally displaced Rohingya killing at least one and injuring eight on Tuesday, July 4.

    The eight Rohingya men hailed from Dar Paing IDP camp located on the outskirts of capital Sittwe, were hired by a retired police officer U Hla Myint (also known as Nuru) to scrap his ageing boat in Yaung Ni Oo shipyard, Ywar Gyi Mrauk village.

    The men were taken by police as witnesses to an unidentified trial involving two Rohingya women in Sittwe Township Court. During the recess, the men were later taken to the shipyard located 2 km from the court as the hired workers to dismantle the boat.

    While the men were inspecting the boat, a Rakhine couple came to the site threatening, abusing and screaming that “Kalars (derogatory term for Rohingya) invaded our village”. A policeman who accompanied the men ordered the woman not to create unwanted scene by screaming and abusing the workers.

    As the police asked the men to board on the car in order to return to the court, a mob suddenly emerged blocking the car. An extremist Rakhine from the mob with a shovel broke the windscreen killing a Rohingya man and the rest were beaten by the mob.

    The Rohingya killed in the terror attack is identified as U Monu, aged 60, son of Abdu shukkur, and two men (retired Rohingya police office U Hla Myint, 60 and his son) are currently admitted at Sittwe General Hospital with severe injuries. The other Rohingya who sustained injuries are Abu Alam (64, son of Abul Hussain), Abdul Malik (38, son of Sayed Hussain), Akhtar Hussain (20, son of Shakir Ullah), Futiya (35, son of Khala Miah), Abdul Hamid (32, son of Abdul Mahbud) and Mohammed Hussain (25).

    Police Major Win Naung told that the extremist Rakhine mob was armed with weapons and confirmed the attack being investigated.

    The campaign of genocide against Rohingya in 2012 has moved at least 140,000 Rohingya into many internally displaced person camps across Rakhine State, barring to leave the camps without official permissions. Even with the “extremely limited permits” to access courts, police stations or markets, Rohingya community often encounters mob attacks due to the poor security available for the community.