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    Myanmar military attacks and loots Rohingya in Maungdaw

    By The Stateless Rohingya

    MAUNGDAW: Myanmar military personnel attacked on Rohingya worshippers with stones and sharp objects in Ngar Sar Kyu, Maungdaw on June 14.

    A group of military officials entered the village tract of Pyaung Pyit in the early hours of Wednesday, and started throwing stones and objects such as broken bottles towards the worshippers, who were getting ready with ablution to perform the first prayer of the day at dawn and to begin the day of the fasting.

    The sudden attack frightened and injured many worshippers, including an elderly man who sustains critical injuries from the broken glasses thrown at them. The attack also interrupted other worshippers joining the mosque for the prayer.

    “Later at around 7.30 am, they took up aggressive positions and pointed their guns at the villages. Some of the soldiers then entered the houses and began snatching Rohingya property including solar panels, the sole means for most households to get electricity,” said a villager.

    Following the attack, the military carried out looting Rohingya houses which are demolished during Cyclone Mora. Having recently suffered the crimes against humanity during “Clearance Operations” and devastated by the cyclone, Rohingya continue to face unstoppable harassment from the armed forces, particularly Border Guard Police (BGP).

    Ngar Sar Kyu is one of many villages affected during the operations, where dozens of Rohingya civilians were killed, a number of women were raped and hundreds of houses were burned to the ground while blocking humanitarian assistance to the region affected by the operations.

    Religious persecution on Rohingya Muslim population in Rakhine State is deep-rooted in the state policies and usually carried out by the governmental forces with full impunity.