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    Three Rohingya villagers were brutally beaten by Border Guard Police

    A border policeman standing guard at the entrance of Maungdaw village in Rakhine State. Photo courtesy: AFP

    By  Kywa Win / The Stateless

    Maungdaw: Na Ta La Village( illegal Buddhist Mogh Settlement in Rohingya’s land) based Border Guard Police (BGP) camp in the Kyaukpandu village tract in Maungdaw beat three Rohingya villagers on last May 17th, 2017.

    On 17  May 2017, three Rohingya villagers from Horit­illa village were vi­siting Kyaukpandu vi­llage with legal tra­velling permission from the local authoritie­s. They were stopped by the BGP and checked their travel permission certificates. Accusing no photographs in the travel permission certificate they were beaten brutally with wooden sticks in spite of bearing travel permit issued by government concerned authorities.

    The victims are identified as Zafor( 35 year ) son of U Sult­an Ahmed, U Ham­id(30 year ) son of U Ali Ahmed and Has­him (28 year ) son of U Nagu. All of them are severly injured none of them are getting proper treatment as they cannot even go out in search of treatment.

    Local residents requ­est Burmese Governme­nt to take necesssary actions to stop su­ch kinds of atrocities by the border guard po­lice committed as daily basis though they travel along with travel permit from government concerned authorities.