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Rohingya woman sentenced for demanding justice in northern Maungdaw

By The Stateless Rohingya

A Rohingya woman was sentenced for 6 months of imprisonment on May 15, 2017 for seeking proper justice for her husband Abu Salam who was murdered along with other two Rohingya men by the Burmese armed forced on November 13, 2016 during the Clearance Operations in the northern Maungdaw.

The victim is identified as Mrs Salma Khatun, accused of expressing the concerns and demanding of justice for the brutal killing of her husband and two men in Somboinna of Rabailla (Kya Gaung Taung) during the visits of international diplomats and reporters for the investigation of crimes against humanity being committed by the government armed forces.

The reliable source reports, Mrs Salma Khatun explained the facts in details to the international diplomats and reporters who visited her village. She has also showed them how her husband, aged 60 from Rabailla and another Abdu Salam, aged 65 and Amin Uddin, aged 60 from nearby Gozi BIl (Dagyi Zar) were extrajudicially killed and then burnt inside her house.

A case was filed in regards to the atrocity when she reported to the concerned government officials and nearby police station.

On Monday at 9 am, a group of police from Border Guard Police Outpost No. 12 arrested Salma Khatun from home. She was later transferred to Maungdaw District Court where the verdict of 6-month imprisonment was pronounced for reporting and talking to the international diplomats and reporters.

She is moved to Buthidaung Prison for serve the sentence for seeking justice for the murder of her elderly husband and two displaced Rohingya. She leaves behind three daughters without protection and support.

Since Clearance Operations started on October 9, 2016 following attacks on three police outposts in the northern Maungdaw Township, the Burmese Armed Forces have been accused of widespread rape, indiscriminate killing, arbitrary arrest and destruction of houses, villages and livestock. A further 75,000 Rohingya are forced to flee to the neighbouring Bangladesh where many recount the severe human rights abuses, which the armed forces deny despite mounting evidence of their crimes.