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Myanmar military terrorises Rohingya villagers in Northern Maungdaw

Hathi Fara of Kyein Chaung (also known as Boli Bazaar), Northern Maungdaw

By The Stateless Rohingya

Once again, a group of Myanmar soldiers from Battalion No. 551 unexpectedly started harassing and terrorising Rohingya villagers in Hathi Fara of Kyein Chaung (also known as Boli Bazaar), Northern Maungdaw on April 18, 2017.

The soldiers numbering over 60, stopped 22 year-old Mohammed Yunous, son of Oli Husson, when he went to forest to collect firewood after fishing in the nearby river. He was severely tortured leaving him with a broken-arm and sustaining a puncture in his right side of abdomen from the ‘pointed object’ used to beat him up.

After almost an hour of terror, he was released at 12:30 pm.

The same group of soldiers also randomly dragged a man out of his house in the village. Zamir Husson, aged 54, son of Ahmed was beaten inhumanely, and burned his long beard as a common practice of the military towards Rohingya Muslim men.

On Tuesday, having witnessed and suffered the continuous terror of Myanmar armed forces since the outbreak of ‘clearance operations’ in the northern Maungdaw, many Rohingya men went hiding to avoid indiscriminate torture and arrest leaving behind women and children.

The soldiers gathered the vulnerable women under an open-field where they were harassed and threatened to call back their male-member of families or otherwise labelled them as ‘terrorists’ if failure to show their faces. The women were released in the evening who remain haunted by the armed forces’ cycle of terror, harassment and torture.

Despite the United Nations called for an urgent fact-finding commission on the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya people in the northern Maungdaw, Myanmar armed forces continue to commit crimes against humanity with impunity in Rakhine State.