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Simply, Get out of Amay Suu’s way

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing speaks during a Nay Pyi Taw ceremony marking Armed Forces Day on Monday. (Myanmar Armed Forces | AFP)

By Mr. Mohd Haroon

Note: The following is a response to Myanmar’s military chief Snr-Gen Min Aung Hlaing `s statement “Tatmadaw will prevent political Intervention on Rohingya`s behalf“- By Htet Naing Zaw, Irrawaddy. 27 March 2017

A criminal ploy should not surprise anyone at all. With the sentiment expected from “interloper “game, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing is extrapolating fears onto  Buddhist nationalism and makes Tamadaw’s perpetual involvement in Myanmar politics a necessity. After three generation of misfiring as you have nothing at all of which you can be proud for your country, hoaxing “army modernization “a last resource pride to a nation you had already blundered for 50 long years; now you are acting to shield all your faults and follies tooth and claw. At last, you are looking for more time & space to disperse your billions US$ piled up illegally in overseas accounts and to make those difficult to trace. The army’s luxury should not be generated out of ethnic minorities’ misery.

You said there was no Rohingya in Myanmar history.  In various history books, there are dozens of pre-1824 proofs mentioning the name “Rohingya” authored by foreign historians. Contemporary Myanmar youth generation doesn’t believe in Tamadaw’s version of history which didn’t attract a single application to seek admission to RASU – History Department in 2016. The world took note about this too.

There are constitutional non-Buddhist ethnic races like; Chin, Nagaa, Kachin, Wa, Taang, Karen. Can you let the world know with which ethnic group did you not play the same “interlopers” and “unwanted others” game some time at will in the last 50 years of Tatmadaw’s history? No human race is superior; no religious faith is inferior. Judge not the whole group for one of them is wrong; only racists do that with intend and power.

Amay Su’s eye is on the biography of Hu Jintao (China), Le Kwan Yu

(Singapore) and Mahathir Mohamed(Malaysia), who made their country great and peaceful.  Each one of them converted his agrarian base country to modern industrial nation first acquiring painstakingly developed & resolutely kept foundation of multi-racial harmony within the country.  Amay Suu dreams to do just like them.  She deserves your support which you can offer by simply, getting out of her way now!