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A Rohingya man near-death after Myanmar`s security forces brutal beating

By The Stateless

Buthidaung, 31 March 2017: Myanmar security forces have beaten a Rohingya man to near-death on 29 March 2017. The victim is identified as Shamshul Alom (son of Nurul Islam), 28 years old from Kezinggapara, Tha Peik Taung, Buthidaung North.

A group of Burmese security forces arrested Shamshul Alom while he was collecting woods in the forest near his village. The security forces mercilessly beat him to near death and left him unconscious in the forest.

He was found by some villagers in serious condition gasping. There was blood gushing from his mouth and broken jaws. The villagers immediately brought him home for medical care. Rohingya are severely restricted from moving freely, even for medical care.

Therefore, it is uncertain if Shamshul Alom; now in critical condition can receive any lifesaving medical care.

Daily arrest, torture, harassment and intimidation of Rohingya by Myanmar armed forces are continuously increasing despite mounting international pressure on Myanmar for its systematic persecution of Rohingya. Since October 9, 2016, Rohingya’s movement and livelihood is restricted to such an extent that even collecting few woods for their living does not come without the risk of being tortured, arrested or even facing death. International community is surprisingly reluctant to take any concrete action against Myanmar involved in systematic persecution of Rohingya.

Many researchers describe this institutionalized systematic Persecution as slow-genocide.