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Media and EU delegation team visit Rohingya affected areas

By Maung Shwe / The Stateless

Maungdaw : Myanmar government allowed Media consisting of local & international medias and a team of EU delegation to visit northern Maungdaw separately on Thursday, March 30, 2017. The teams were accompanied by Borders Guard Police (BGP).

The media teams visited some of affected areas to interview Rohingya but Myanmar didn’t allow the victims to talk with the teams. People were strictly refrained from gathering in two or three and crowd gathering was strictly monitored and prohibited. Rohingya villagers report they were not allowed to talk the visiting teams because of the heavy presence of BGP in many places where the delegation and media teams made their visit. In several places, unable to talk directly and express their concerns, Rohingya villagers tried to submit their statements though letters. Here too they failed.

The media teams reportedly visited Rabailla (Kyar Gaung Taung) at around 12 pm where few Rohingyas did manage to talk and submit their letters. One letter was a list showing damages suffered and lives lost by Rohingyas during Genocidal campaign by Myanmar armed forces in their village alone. The list includes crimes committed by Myanmar armed forces alone or together with Rakhine extremists against the Rohingya in that village as mentioned below:

Killed 10 Rohingya by shooting, beating and burnt alive, raped 40 girls and women, burnt 70 houses, 2 mosques and 2 shops, broken 14 houses and looted 250+ cows, 150+ goats, 350+ solar panels and with batteries, 32 motorbikes, 40 bicycles and looted others household from almost all the houses in the village.

After two hours of interviewing, the team went to Nga Kura BGP camp where BGP forcefully took the three rape victims who testified to the team earlier at the village. They were detained for hours and around 9:15 pm the three women returned to their homes, a villager reports.

The villager also reported that tomorrow all the three victims are asked to go to Maungdaw. The victims are now fearing for their lives as they don’t know what may happen to them tomorrow.

The media teams are also expected to visit some more villages tomorrow onwards.