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    Three Rohingya in critical condition after Myanmar’s Military torture

    By The Stateless Rohingya
    MAUNGDAW: Myanmar military officers from Army Battalion No. 551 entered Kyar Gaung Taung (locally known as Rabailla) on January 9, 2017, arresting three innocent Rohingya on a false allegation.
    The 36-year old school teacher Karim Ullah was taken to the army station at 7:30pm on Monday accused of seeing weapons hidden in the villager. He was reported tortured severely sustaining serious internal injuries and released on Wednesday.

    His father Shadid Ullah, age 95 was also arrested and interrogated along with 70-year old retired school master Mahson (son of Sayed Ahmed) faced the same fate.
    It is reported that the three educated Rohingya men remain in critical conditions having tortured inhumanely by the military on false allegation of seeing weapons.
    Since October 9, the armed forces are arbitrarily arresting Rohingya civilians in northern Maungdaw Township, and more than 1000 put behind the bar while many of them are forced to post photos with the government weapons to accuse of being link with Faith Movement group.
    As many as 500 are being killed since the clearance operations unfold in the region which forced more than 65,000 to take shelter in Bangladesh who report tales of atrocious human rights abuses by Myanmar armed forces.