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    ‘The Genocide of Rohingya, Refugee crisis and world humanity: Bangladesh perspective’ held in Dhaka

    Seminar on

    By Dr. KIF A Rahman TSR, Bangladesh.

    A seminar on ‘ The Genocide of Rohingya, Refugee crisis and world humanity: Bangladesh perspective’ was held on 30th January 2017 at VIP Lounge, National Pressclub in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. The seminar was organised by the little magazine ‘ Kobitar Rajpath’ with a view to recalling the world humanity for playing a significant role to stop genocide and inhuman atrocities meted out upon the Rohingya community by the barbarious regime in Burma.

    The seminar was held with a re-known poet Mohammad Nurul Huda in the chair. A number of eminent guests spoke at the seminar. Prof. Dr. Anu Muhammad-proffesor of University of Dhaka, Emiritus prof Dr.Sirujl Islam, prof. Dr. Abul Kasem Fazlul Hoque, Eminant talkshow speaker Prof. Dr. Salimullah Khan expressed their solidarity towards the persecuted Rohingyas through the seminar.

    Mr. Munir Yusuf, editor of the magazine ‘Kobitar Rajpoth’ in his key paper has said, ‘The Rohingya people in Arakan had long been subjected to worst kind of inhuman atrocities by the incursive Burmese security forces and state-patronized communal forces. The innocent Rohingya are compelled to leave their homes and hearths following the barbarious attacks which has no parallel illustration in this earth.’

    During his speech Mr. Gulam Shafique, additional Secretary of Public Administration, has said , ‘ When we visit refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar, we find no single Rohingya who wants to stay in Bangladesh forever. They demands early repartriation to their homeland under the supervision of international bodies including United Nations who can pressurise the Burmese authority to restore their citizenship rights in Burma. Barrister Nurul Azim a Phd researcher on Rohingya Issue, in his brief speech has said , ‘ none can solve the Rohingya problem and refugee crisis alone.’ ‘Bangladesh should raise this issue with utmost singnificance in the international fora for the sustainable and permanent solution of the issue,’ he added.

    Regarding the solidarity towards the stateless Rohingya , Mr. Zonaid Saki, Chief Co-ordinator of People’s Solidarity Movement has said that ‘many Bangladeshis had to take refuge in neighbouring countries during Liberation War. So Bangladesh has to take strong stand against all ethnic cleansings. We could never avoid Rohingya issue , so we call upon Bangladesh govt. to render all out support towards this persecuted community.’ He further stated that Bangladesh should not push-back these helpless people unless permanent settling of the crisis through international community and world bodies.

    A photo exhibition on ‘ The groanings of Rohingyas: Jeopardised Humanity in Arakan, Burma’ was also held at the premises of the pressclub during the seminar. Hundreds of general mass people visited the exhibition and expressed their shock after having a look over the pictures of deteriorating plight of Rohingya community in Burma. Independent TV Chanel has telecast the Seminar live. 3-5 Print media & electronic media cast the program.

    In the Ending of the Seminar , Kobitar Rajpoth Magazine is provided to the guests where the groaning of Humanity in Arakan is focussed vividly…