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    Rohingya Forced Labor and Slavery in Yan Aung Pyin

    By The Stateless

    Maungdaw: The chairman of Yan Aung Pyin, Rakhine illegal settlement-village – locally known as Na Ta La village – took forced labor of Rohingya in Northern Maungdaw.

    Since past week, the chairman of Yan Aung Pyin forced 40 Rohingya men to labor in constructing the Border Guard Police (BGP) check post. The Rohingya men were neither paid the daily allowances nor were any food provided. In addition, the chairman threatened the Rohingya to pay 5000 Kyats (equivalent of 5 US dollar) if they were absent for the labor.

    Since 9 October 2016, Maungdaw North is completely locked down. Myanmar armed forces severely restricted the movement of Rohingya. In the name of hunting down of unknown assailants, who allegedly attacked some of the BGP outposts, Myanmar armed forces launched so-called “Clearance Operation,” in which the armed forces mass-raped hundreds of Rohingya women and girls as young as 10 years, mass-arrested several hundreds of Rohingya men and women, killed more than 500 hundreds Rohingya. In addition, the armed forces forced 650000 Rohingya to flee to Bangladesh.

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