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Press Release: General Election of British Rohingya Community

General Election of British Rohingya Community

January 05, 2017

In the name of Allah, the most merciful and the most compassionate

Bradford: Thanks to Al-mighty Allah, the general election of the British Rohingya Community (BRC) was successfully held on December 5, 2016 at the residence of Zamir Husein, Bradford, United Kingdom. The aims of the election were to elect the new executive committee and new advisory body. Rohingya community members from Bradford participated and shared their views and ideas for the ultimate interest of Rohingya community in Bradford and around the world.

After dissolving the previous committee, the General Assembly eunamimously elect new committee and new advisory body. The election result was finally pronounced successfully and the authority was handed over to the new elected bodies, which will run day-to-day activities with utmost honesty, integrity and transparency until next election.

Detail result of the election:

Advisory Body
Aman Ullah
MD Solim
MD Harun
Fatema Khatun
Bahar Begum

New Executive Body
Chairman – Nurul Huda
General Secretary – Nezam Uddin
Accountant – Sala Uddin
Media Secretary – Amin

On behalf of BRC,

Nurul Huda
Chairman, BRC

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