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    Myanmar troops harassment in Buthidaung; killings, rapes, mass arrests are reported

    By Mustafa Kamail

    Buthidaung — The Military assault and harassment continued even after the leaked video of Rohingya civilians being tortured by Myanmar troops which provides an authentic evidence and supports other thousands proofs of the Military’s involvement in Genocidal campaign against Rohingya community which remain off camera. It was reported that on 4th and 6th January 2017, the Burmese Military carried our fresh assaults across northern Buthidaung , where the Military killed 2 Rohingya, raped 2 Rohingya women ,molested dozens of Rohingya women and arrested Rohingya men en masse. Some arrestees were later released by the Myanmar armed forces.
    During the raids at least 300 Rohingya were beaten and arrested, out of which 250 were later released after extortion of ransom, in a number of Rohingya villages such as Maung Gyi Htaunt, Dar Paing Sa Yar, Nga Yant Chaung and Mee Chaung Zay in northern Buthidaung between January 4 and January 6.
    During a day long siege in Maung Kyi Taung locally known as ‘Shaab Bazaar’ on Wednesday (Jan 4), two were reported to have died while being tortured. The deceased are identified as Abdullah (22) s/o Mohammed Amin and Jahanghir (23) s/o Amiruddin. And Fayaz s/o Nasir (25) from middle hamlet same village in 7 junuary 2017.
    Dozens of women in the village of Maung Gyi Htaunt were reported to have been molested during the siege on january 4, 2017. Three other women have also reportedly gone missing from the village since then.
    And 2 Rohingya women are Asma not real name 40 years and Fatama not real name 33 years respectively from Maung Gyi Htaunt Village Track in Buthidaung were raped by Myanmar troops on January 8th, 2017.
    Among the arrestees more than 50 Rohingya civilians are still detained.The Myanmar State Counsellor Office Information Committee declared four of the detainees as militants on it’s official Facebook site justifying the military offensives and continuing its media propaganda.
    The four villagers who were labelled as militants are identified as: 1) Mohammed Tarek, 2) Kamaru, 3) Dil Mohammed and 4) Mohammed Ullah and all from Maung Gyi Htaunt Additional 150 military and BGP raided at Maung Gyi Htaunt VT on January in the pretext of searching for the weapons looted in Maungdaw Attack. Later military demanded 30 Rohingya women from the village for sex slaves. When they refused to handover their daughters to the Tatmadaw they started endless assaults in the villages after morning and arrested village administrator Mr Ibrahim and his son Mohammed Shah and detained them.