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BGP Severely Beat A Rohingya and Extorted A Big Sum of Money

By The Stateless

Maungdaw North: Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) severely beat Mohammed Yunus son of Noor Husein in Northern Maungdaw.

The incident took place in Aung Seik Pyin – locally called as Sa Dula Sor – at 7.00 pm local time on 13 January 2017. The BGP from Aung Seik Pyin station arrested Mr. Yunus while he was on his way from Wet Kyein – locally known as Wike Kaung – to Aung Seik Pyin. The BGP detained Mr. Yunus overnight and severely tortured without any reasons until his ears were lacerated. Mr. Yunus was finally released on 500000 Myanmar Kyats on the next day.

Since 9 October 2016, Maungdaw North is completely locked down.
Myanmar armed forces severely restricted the movement of Rohingya. In the name of hunting down of unknown assailants, who allegedly attacked some of the BGP outposts, Myanmar armed forces launched so-called “Clearance Operation,” in which the armed forces mass-raped hundreds of Rohingya women and girls as young as 10 years, mass-arrested several hundreds of Rohingya men and women, killed more than 500 hundreds Rohingya. In addition, the armed forces forced 650000 Rohingya to flee to Bangladesh.

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