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    A 23 years old Rohingya mutilated to death by Rakhine Buddhist armed men

    By The Stateless

    Pauktaw Township: A Rohingya man identified as Abdu Rahim was killed by five Rakhine armed men around 9 AM in Kan Chaung village of Pauktaw township, Rakhine State.

    Abdu Rahim (23 years old, S/o Abdul Loti), Kyaw Soe and Ali were on their way back home to their Kan Chaung village after selling some fish in the nearby village called Anuak Ywe, on 31 January 2017, around 9.00 a.m local time. On their way walking through the jungle they were greeted by unexpected violent Rakhine men armed with sharp daggers, knifes and wooden rods. The brutal men started chasing and rounding them. Mr.Abdul Rahim being ahead of the his other two fellow men could not escape the unexpected attack. The armed Rakhine men pounced at their defenceless fellow Abdul Rahimlike butchers with a clear intent to kill. Ali and Kyaw Soe managed to flee. They ran to the nearby police station to report and rescue their friend. Together, with the police they returned to the place where Abdul Rahim was attacked.

    Unfortunately, their help came too late. Abdul Rahim was fatally chopped and his mutilated body was found thrown somewhere in between the bushes. The police took pictures of the crime scene and told they will investigate the incident. The victim s body was first brought to his village Kan Chaung and later taken for post-mortem to an unknown hospital. Details yet to be confirmed.

    “There is no protection for us . Our lives and properties are not safe here anymore. The government has taken no measure to make us feel safe. We are restricted and squeezed from everywhere by the government. We cannot move freely. Even with the very little movement we have we are attacked and killed by the Rakhine people where ever they see us. They are full of hatred for us . It has become a normal thinking that sooner or later we will be killed. If things continue like this tell me how can we ever survive here? I plea to you all and request to help us get out of our dire situation and rescue us from this agony” said Kyaw Soe, who is still frightened and under shock seeing the animosity of the Rakhine people against his murdered friend Abdul Rahim.

    “Timeline of the Rohingya is now getting from worse to worst. The present government insists everything in Rakhine state against Rohingya is being conducted according to the rule of law. The de facto leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi says people should live without fear. But Rohingya are constantly living under fear from want and torture” said a villager from Anuak Ywe of Pauktaw. Rohingyas are targeted both by the military and the Rakhine Buddhist people.