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    Will not allow Rohingya to come to Bangladesh like current: PM

    By The Stateless Rohingya

    Chittagong Correspondent: “We cannot give opportunity by opening door of the country to anyone to enter Bangladesh like current,” said Primes Minister in parliament session on Wednesday.

    In response to worldwide calls on Bangladesh to keep open the border for the most persecuted Rohingya Muslim minority, Sheikh Hasina said we are providing humanitarian aids to the new Rohingya arrivals but cannot open door of the border for Rohingya to come like current.

    Although thousands of people crowded at the border and desperate to flee to Bangladesh following the violence of Myanmar security forces on Rohingya minority, BGB forces are pushing back them who anyhow enter Bangladesh.

    Bangladesh has deployed more security forces along the border to prevent infiltration of Rohingya into Bangladesh despite the calls of UNHCR and the political party, BNP upon the current government to open the border.

    BNP Secretary General, Fakhrul Islam has also recently urged the government to open the border for the persecuted Rohingya minority. In response to his call upon the government, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, we are providing humanitarian assistance to the Rohingya refugees who anyhow have entered Bangladesh recently so that they can somehow survive.

    Myanmar government has been urged not to create such a situation for which Rohingya are forced to come to Bangladesh.

    Recently Myanmar ambassador was summoned where the Bangladesh also urged him to take necessary initiatives so that the Rohingya may not be forced to intrude into Bangladesh, she added.

    A flag meeting was also held between Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and Border Guard Police (BGP) last month where the issue was also discussed and the BGP was urged to create congenial atmosphere so that the Rohingya may not be desperate to cross to Bangladesh. We are doing our responsibility whatever we have to do seeing the humanitarian ground, Hasina said.

    On the other hand, we are taking steps and preparation so that no incident can be taken place in neighboring country Myanmar taking shelter in Bangladesh.

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina further said the government will return the attacker to Myanmar if detained inside Bangladesh. The law enforcing agencies of Bangladesh are directed to keep eyes in order that no one involved in the attack on BGP can take shelter in Bangladesh.