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Massive Demonstration Held in Toronto Against Rohingya Genocide

By Kyaw Win

Toronto: A massive demonstration was held in front of Dundas Square, Toronto yesterday against Rohingya genocide.

The event was organised by Jalalabad Association of Toronto (Bangladeshi Community) for the 2nd time after a huge demonstration last week at 3000 Denforth Avenue, Toronto.

Rohingya people and Bangladeshi including peace loving people from diverse community living in Canada raised their voice for justice against the ongoing state sponsored genocide of Rohingya in Arakan State of Myanmar (Burma).

Different speakers delivered their speeches on the current situation of Arakan such as mass killing and arrest of innocent people, torturing, torching houses and sexual violence of Suu Kyi led NLD so-called Democracy government.

Some speakers also requested the government of Canada to intervene on the current atrocities and genocide taking place against Rohingya and to resettle Rohingya refugees on humanitarian ground.

Besides, a Member of Parliament (MP) of Shylet along with some other intellectuals of Bangladesh held a special program with the Rohingya community after the demonstration where Rohingya urged them specially the MP to raise voice for the persecuted Rohingya people of Arakan.

Mr. Selim Uddin, MP from Shylet, Bangladesh said they are well aware of the Rohingya’s long pending crises of citizenship and human rights violations and he promised with the Rohingya that he would raise the Rohingya issue in Bangladesh parliamentary session.

Representatives from some different organisations urged the international community, United Nation and the countries concerned to intervene in the matter and put pressure on the government to stop the ongoing oppressions against the Rohingya.

Aziz Nur, a Rohingya Youth from among the Rohingya participants, expressed his deep concern about the current horrible plight of Rohingya which is forcing the people flee to Bangladesh and the needs of fleeing people.

He also thanked Bangladeshi people particularly Jalalabad Association of Toronto for their continues support and sympathy they have been showing toward Rohingya.

Demanding an immediate end to violence and restore the Human Rights including citizenship to the Rohingya whose settlement in Arakan, Myanmar is for centuries, the demonstrators ended peacefully.