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Dublin Protest – United to End Rohingya Genocide

Despite finding “strong evidence” that genocide is being committed against Rohingya in Burma (Myanmar), the world still remains silent on one of the worst atrocities the modern world has ever seen.

Having won a landslide victory in 2015 general election, Nobel Peace Laureate Aung Sans Suu Kyi follows the footsteps of repressive Burmese military regimes in suppressing and oppressing Rohingya minority in the western part of country.

Since October 9, 2016, the clearance operations by Burmese armed forces in Maungdaw Township along the border of Burma-Bangladesh leave more than 700 Rohingya civilians dead, nearly 200 women gang-raped, more than 1000 arbitrary arrested, at least 3000 houses burnt to ground displacing more than 40000 Rohingya without food, water, shelter and security, and more than 21000 are forced to flee the neighbouring country Bangladesh where many victims of Rohingya genocide were pushed back by Border Guards of Bangladesh, whose fate is still known – either died in the sea or shoot down by Burmese Border Guard Police.

Despite human rights organizations, activists and civil servants calling to end the genocide against Rohingya, the Burmese military and Aung San Suu Kyi led government continue to allow the Genocide taking place.

To show solidarity with the persecuted Rohingya and to tell the world including the Irish Government that ‘enough is enough’. It is an international responsibility to END GENOCIDE AGAINST ROHINGYA and save Rohingya.

11:30 to 13:00
December 13, 2016

Irish Parliament (Dail Eirean)
Leinster House, Kildare St, Dublin 2

For further information:

Bangladeshi Community Ireland
Nasir – 086106940
Jahir – 0863342862
Ayub – 0861525280

Rohingya Community Ireland
Rafique – 0860391625
Haikal – 0857692758