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Corpses of Rohingya women and children Float in Naf River – Bangladesh Marine Engineer

By The Stateless (TSR) Article

Dead bodies of Rohingya women and children are floating while barbarous campaign against persecuted Rohingya takes place in Myanmar

Myanmar military and Border Guard Police (BGP) have jointly forced thousands of Rohingya Muslims from Arakan (Rakhine State) within a few weeks of Clearance Operations started on October 9. There are a number of small boats sank in Naf River while crossing to Bangladesh whose corpses are floating in the deep blue water and along the shore of the river.

On December 5, a score of dead bodies of Rohingya brought to shore after their boat sank killing all mostly children and women. More than 200 small boats were push-backed by Border Guard Bangladesh and the faith of them is still unknown.

On Friday, December 10, Wahid Zaman, a Bangladesh marine officer posted on social media Facebook, who witnessed “countless of dead bodies appeared before my colleagues and me floating in the river while we set off for Vietnam via Andaman Sea.”

He also received a called from Liberian ship reporting of sighting of “a wooden trawler half submerged in the sea” with dead people believed to be the members of persecuted Rohingya community.

Mr. Zaman who frequently travels to Myanmar expressed his disappointed on the silent of the government of Myanmar and his country Bangladesh who are indirectly responsible for the death of Rohingya civilians who fled the persecution in Myanmar, pushed backed by Bangladesh guards and estranged and died in the water.

He asked the world to raise voice to allow Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and find durable solutions in Myanmar to stop persecutions and start resettlement with guaranteed life-security.