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    BREAKING NEWS – Army Battalion-263 forced to destroy 57 unregistered IDP tents in Sittwe

    Image Credit: Flickr/European Commission DG ECHO

    By The Stateless News

    Sittwe: Two police officers and two army personnel from battalion-263 went to the Palaung Pyin and warned unregistered internally displaced Rohingya to destroy all the tents before 5 pm Thursday, December 6. They told, “if you don’t destroy all the tents by yourselves and remove all the fishing tools from the beach, we will burn all of them.”

    Although two Rohingya IDPs pleaded the officers – “if we destroy these where can we live and how can we survive? The officers showed them a place near the Rakhine village where most of the Rakhine villagers also depend on fishing”, they ignored the desperate call of the Rohingya.

    As Rohingya IDPs avoid any kind of conflict with the Rakhine villagers, the officers arranged another place for them which is far from the beach. The displaced Rohingya don’t want to destroy and live elsewhere due to life insecurity and isolation in un?

    Some police and military officials came with gallons of patrol, pieces of cloths and wooden sticks to torch the tents at 2 pm. Seeing the tools in the hands of police and military, the IDPs started to destroy their own tents. Besides forcing to destroy the tents, they also warned the Rohingyas not to go fishing at the beach anymore.

    The abuses leave all 57 Rohingya families without shelters and sleeping in an open-field, and worried of the long-term consequences without basic food, water, shelter and security.

    The families from Pauktaw and Sittwe were unable to get into official camps as it ceased registering new displaced Rohingya, thus leaving to build their own shelter near Palaung Pyin beach, Sittwe where they don’t receive any humanitarian aids and have to depend on fishing for their own food.

    They now faces displacement for the second time after previously removed from their homes during the genocidal campaign against Rohingya in 2012.