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Today’s summary of Military Atrocities against Rohingya Civilians

Burma Army troops on patrol in Maungdaw Township on Oct 15. / Hein Htet / The Irrawaddy

By The Stateless Rohingya

MAUNGDAW: Myanmar Armed Forces’ crimes against Rohingya have been intensified since last weekend. The military and Border Guard Police (BGP) conduct “Clearance Operation” with acts that are deliberately committed against Rohingya civilians notably gang rapes and sexual harassments, extrajudicial killings, mass-arrests and destructions of houses, villages and mosques in the northern part of Maungdaw along the border of Myanmar and Bangladesh.

During the weekend, the graphic photos and videos emerged where the armed forces not only burnt down nearly a thousand houses in 7 villages making more than 5,000 homeless, and also set alive at least 13 Rohingya civilians including children and women inside the houses.

On November 16, the operation took place in four villages – Thu Oo Hla (Kulaar Bil), U Shey Kya (Bura Shidda Fara), Dar Gyi Zar (Choro Gozi Bil) and Wabeik hamlet of Kyikanpyin.

Thu U Lar

The forces entered the village in the early morning and started torching a mosque and 21 houses at 8:30 am which was secretly recorded in a video footage. Becoming homeless the villages appealed for humanitarian assistance and justice for the crimes committed by the forces.

U Shey Kya

While the displaced Rohingya from Dar Gyi Zar (Choro Gozi Bil), Yae Khat Chaung Gwa Son (Bor Gozi Bil) and Wabeik taking shelter in U Shey Kya, about 300 forces entered the village and started launching mortars and using machine guns towards unarmed villagers injuring several people. A video shows that a child sustained serious injury from the mortar shelling. Several Rohingya men are also reportedly arrested.

A village said, “when military with Rakhine extremist entering village, we were fleeing to avoid mass killing and arrest. But we cannot escape from their bullet fire. Around 70 villagers were seriously wounded by military’s firing. We have nothing else to do except watching the crying of wounded people. We don’t have doctors for treatment.”

Dar Gyi Zar

The military burnt down the oldest mosque in the village along with 98% of houses including a mosque between 12th and 13th November by mortar shellings and airstrikes from helicopters. Dar Gyi Zar is one of the most affected villages from the atrocities of armed forces. More than 100 Rohingya civilians are killed since 13th November including an 18-month baby. Although the details list of civilian casualties yet to be known, the names of the following individual killed on 14th November are confirmed –

(1) Abul Kalam s/o Shamshu (28-year-old)

(2) Shamshu s/o Sawduran (50-year-old)

(3) Izzat Ali s/o Eisuf (25-year-old)

(4) Musa Ali s/o Eisuf (40-year-old)

(5) Shuna Ali s/o Eisuf (35-year-old)

(6) Sayed Ali s/o Eisuf (30-year-old)

(7) Eisuf s/o Sawdu Rahman (80-year-old)

(8) Gulam Kadir s/o Gawnu (28-year-old)

(9) Gawnu s/o Sawdu Rahman (50-year-old)

(10) Nur Alom s/o Sawdu Rahman (45-year-old)

(11) Ibrahim s/o Nur Alom (20-year-old)

(12) Mamed Sarlek s/o Abdul Hakim (30-year-old)

(13) Mamed Siddique (27-year-old)

(14) Mustamed (45-year-old)

(15) Lalu s/o Nur Hashim (15-year-old)

(16) Nur Hashim s/o Bawni Amin (45-year-old)

(17) Hairul Amin s/o Hor Hussein (25-year-old)

(18) Hor Hussein s/o Nawzir Ahmed (45-year-old)

(19) Abdul Habi s/o Sawdu Rahman (35-year-old)

(20) Nur Mamed s/o Rahmat Ullah (25-year-old)

(21) Rahmat Ullah (42-year-old)

(22) Nur Mamed

Wabeik hamlet

The hamlet is affected twice earlier after the attacks on three police outpost by “unknown assailants” on 9th October. It is almost completely torched down. The forces entered the village at 3pm from the eastern point and set on fire the rest of Rohingya houses remained intact after previous military assaults.

While the crimes against Rohingya are openly committed by the government forces, the rest of the world leaders continue to remain silent even though they are witnessing the similar atrocities occurred in Rwanda. The government also continues to block humanitarian assistance and presence of investigative team and media as more than a thousand houses burnt down, injured hundreds and killed nearly 700 Rohingya civilians.