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Seven Rohingya Villages Destroyed in 3 Days

By The Stateless Rohingya

Myanmar armed forces destroyed 7 Rohingya villages and 175 Rohingya men forced to hold machetes for military propaganda media

Heavy military assaults were undertaken against Rohingya civilians in six villages by Myanmar Military and Border Guard Police (BGP) during the weekend and continued until Monday causing heavy civilians casualties and destructions of houses and properties.

The five Rohingya villages reportedly set fired by the forces are Dar Gyi Sar (Choro Gozi Bil), Pwint Phyu Chaung (Zammoinna), Myau Taung (Saali Ferang), Thu Oo Hla (Kulaar Bil) and Kyar Gaung Taung (Rabailla). On Monday, Ye Kai Chaung Kwasone (Bor Gozi Bil) and Wabeik have too fallen down.

Since the start of Clearance Military Operation in October 9, the last three days have seen excessive destruction of lives and properties. It is estimated that more than a hundred Rohingya civilians were killed, at least 700 injured and more than 5,000 homeless as the armed forces entered the villages in rampage.

On Sunday, the operation left at least 80 Rohingya dead in Dar Gyi Sar, Kyar Gaung Taung and Thu Oo Hla villages. Dar Gyi Sar village is completely burnt down by the armed forces and a villager cried, “there were about 700 houses in our villages, but now all houses are gone. A number of our people were also killed including three families in the launcher attacks”.

Another villager of Kyar Guang Taung said, “when the military entered our village, they forced us to leave and looted goods and then they burnt down our village”. He also described a heartrending crime of the military who threw Rohingya children into the fire.

Many of the injured Rohingya were indiscriminately targeted with mortar launchers and open-firing from helicopters.

175 Rohingya from Dar Gyi Sar, Pwint Phyu Chaung, Kyar Gaung Taung and Ye Kai Chaung Kwasone are arrested and later forced to hold machetes and military weapons for photo shooting by the military to use as a propaganda tool brainwash the public and international community.

On 11 November the main military news media, Myawaddy published a photo of arrested Rohingya family levelled as “suspicious terrorists” including a toddler, 2 children between 6 to 7 years old and their mother.


As the military assaults continue without international pressure, more and more Rohingya civilians – children, women and elderly, are living without shelter, food, water, medical care and security of life.