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    Series of Demonstrations, Protest Rallies and Human Chain held in Bangladesh

    Protest rally organised by Bangladesh Islami Andulon in Dhaka on 18th November

    Urge to protect lives of innocent Rohingya civilians in Myanmar

    By Dr. KIF A Rahman, The Stateless Rohingya, Bangladesh

    A series of processions, protest rallies , human chains and public meeting held in different major cities of Bangladesh on Friday, the 18th November. These demonstrations, protest rallies and human chain were held in Dhaka, Chittagong , Sylhet, Rajshahi, Shunamganj , Nethrokuna and some other places where the protestors urged to the govt. of Bangladesh as well as international community to protect the innocent Rohingya civilians who are being killed extra-judicially, They demanded to immediately stop Rohingya Genocide, raping young girls and women en mass , burning hundreds of houses and religious institutions and displacing the ethnic Rohingya from their homes and hearths. The protestors from different quarters of life called upon the world chieftain and human rights watch dogs to pressurize the Myanmar govt. to end the inhuman persecutions meted out to the non-combatant Rohingya people in northern Arakan.

    Protest rally organised by Bangladesh Islami Andulon in Dhaka on 18th November

    The Islami Andolon Bangladesh has brought out a grand procession in front of the National Press Club in the capital city of Dhaka to protest the indiscriminate killings, rape and torture on Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar on 18th November. The leaders in the processions expressed their concern over the idle silence of the United Nations and the Human Rights Organisations across the world on the on going atrocities subjected to the innocent Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar for more than one month. They demanded to save these innocent people from the hands of brute forces. Pricnciple Sayed Musaddeque Billah, a presidium member of the organization declared to gherao the Myanmar Embassy in Dhaka on 5th December. They warned to carry on more hard-line steps including Long March towards Myanmar if she failed to stop the inhuman persecutions.


    Human Chain and Demonstration organized by SARC Human Rights Foundation in Chittagong

    A Human Chain to stop the ethnic cleansing in Myanmar organized by the Nagorik Shonghoti (Citizens’ Solidarity)- a platform of social worker, intellectuals, poet and rights activists of leftist block was held in Dhaka on 18th November . Mr. Sharifuzzaman Sharif, ex-president of Bangladesh Chattra Union (A sister organization of Bangladesh Communist Party) has reiterated to stop killing of human lives in Myanmar and urged the lady Aung San Suu Kyi and the international community to take necessary steps for saving ethnic Rohingya and taking back the refugees from Bangladesh.

    Another demonstration organized by Bangladesh Islami Chattra Shena was held in the northern gate of Baitul Mukarram, Dhaka on Friday, 18th November in protest to the on going extra-judicial killings and to repeal the citizenship law that made the Rohingya Muslims, alien in their ancestral homeland. The speakers reminded to the Bangladesh govt. about its infinitive responsibilities to save these people in Myanmar. Among others, Mohammad Raisuddin – Dhaka City unit president, Mohammad Masud Hossain- organizing secretary, Tayub Ali- Commerce Secretary spoke at the demonstration.


    A protest rally and mass gathering organized by Bangladesh Hefazat e Islami was held in Hathazari, Chittagong on Friday 18th November. The rally was circumambulated around the main roads of the city in protest to the extra-judicial killings, rape of young girls and women, air strike over Rohingya villages and setting fire of houses and mosques in northern Arakan, Myanmar. The chief guest of the protest gathering Moulana Junaid Babu Nagari, General Secretary of the organization has called upon all the human rights groups to come forward and protest against the stated patronized violence of Myanmar govt. He also urged to the Bangladesh govt. to pressurize the Aung San Suu Kyi led govt. through OIC and other international organizations. The procession declared grand protest gathering in Cox’s Bazar and Long March towards Myanmar in December.

    The Bangladesh Islami Front and Chattra Shena also brought out another grand procession in front of Chittagong Press Club on the same day where Moulana M A Matin, General Secretary of the Front demanded immediate end of Massive killing of Rohingya Muslims in Arakan. He strongly condemned to the United Nations and other Human Rights group for their pinpoint silence over the inhuman persecutions targeted to Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

    Another Human Chain and Demonstration protesting the Genocide and atrocities on innocent Rohingya Muslims in Arakan organized by the South Asian Research Council (SARC) Human Rights Foundation was held in front of the Chittagong Press Club on 19th November where most of the young protesters expressed their concern over the current deteriorating situation of Rohingya Muslims. Prof. Abedin Ali, General Secretary of the Foundation has said that the world today is surprisingly observing over the most hatred massacre and persecution happening in such a country where a govt. led by a Noble Peace Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi is in power. ” Where are the humanity and the Human Rights chieftains today?” , he made a question. The speakers called upon the world leaders to take bold action against genocide and atrocities on Rohingya people perpetrated by the Myanmar army. Prof. Masum Choudhury, Director General of the foundation, leaders of the foundation- M I Maruf, Jahangir Alam Chy, S M Aziz, and student leaders- Md. Shahid and Abdul Alim were also addressed the demonstration.

    Bangladesh Anjumane Telamize Islam organized a public demonstration (in protest to the barbaric killing of Rohingya) in Sylhet on 18th November. Mohammad Fakhrul Islam, Central President of the organization has said that the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar are facing racial discrimination by the state patronized communal violence for decades. They are unwanted in Arakan, burden for Bangladesh and disregarded in the world. ‘The UN , OIC, EU and other human rights groups are blind and deaf-ear to the current atrocities of Myanmar army’ he added. The speakers strongly demanded to the Bangladesh govt. to play a vital role in the end of on going Massacre in Arakan.

    Prof Dr. Asadullah Al Galib, president of Ahle Hadith Movement in a statement condemned over the infinitive state patronized atrocities on the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. He called upon Bangladesh govt. and all the international community including the members of OIC to resist such inhuman behaviors against..

    Similar demonstration , processions and protest rallies and human chains have been going on in different places of Bangladesh where the protestors berated and remonstrated against the barbaric inhuman genocide committed by the racist Myanmar government.