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    POEM: “I don’t know why” says a Rohingya

    By Dr. Abid Bahar

    “I don’t know why” says a Rohingya.
    But I thought I didn’t know the answer to why
    But I know, I know why, I know why and why

    I know the state of the Rohingya life in Arakan
    These are regular people, their families, I know why they cry
    I know they don’t have any protection in Arakan
    I know Rohingyas are scared, hungyy and they cry

    I know the answer to why
    The world is a strange place, so strange!
    leaders don’ hear anything. even when they can hear the tides making sound in the Bay
    Strange, they don’t hear the Rohingya cries

    I know why,
    I can hear the cries from the Rohingya house on fire,
    I can hear from the smoke in the air,
    I can hear from the water, bring the waves to my door steps in the Atlantic
    I can hear the weeping of the old man in despare, the cries of the young woman who just lost her beloved husband
    that is lying on the road by the paddy field

    I know why
    Why in Burma a Rohingya man is captured and taken to a slaughter house
    A man goes to his farm in the morning to work but never returns
    The family finds him slaughtered in the village road next to his house.

    I know why
    when a women is raped in fromnt of her mother-in laws.
    A mother is raped in front her children by the military man
    I know it is racism
    I know it is Burmese way of meditated Buddhist killing
    I don’t think its Buddhist yazna

    I know why
    I know Burma lives in the past
    I know Suu Kyi collects prizess but doesn’t want to use the name Rohingya!
    I don’t want to know why

    I want to know
    Sadam didn’t possess WMD but he had to lose his country and his life.
    Gaddafi didn’t possess WMD but he had to lose his country and his life. I don’t know why
    So, I ask myself, is this 21st century?

    I wonder, I want to know
    What is the purpose of me being here on earth?
    Why do I call myself a human when Rakhine Moghs kill the Rohingya and their killer leaders Aye Maung, Aye Chans who agitate villagers to kill Rohingya enjoy respect

    Why these leaders don’t I live on mars, as the Marshians?
    Why they are here?
    Why an anti Rohingya is the UN representative in Arakan, an anti Rohingya Namibar is the UN representative in Burma? Why Anam can’t meet the Rohingya leaders?
    Why, why why?

    I know why
    I call myself civilized
    Because I cry when a Rohingya cries
    I call myself civilized when a helpless Rawandan, Cambodian cries
    But I wonder why are Marchians occupy our earth as respectable leaders?

    We call ourselves civilized
    I don’t know why says a Rohingya
    I say I know why.

    I say Burma lives in the past but Suu Kyi collects noble and more prizes
    from Marshian leaders.
    She doesn’t recognize the Rohingya I know why
    Why, why, why?

    Many people can’t write poems to vent their sorroes
    They are too shocked, aghast, they are too many,
    they cry. I know why
    I know the killers are Marshian monsters,
    They deserved to be captured and tried
    Unless they hide, they run with their lives

    I hear little Rohingya children and worried women
    in despair, they need urgent help
    They need help
    I know why.


    Dr. Abid Bahar is a playwright and public speaker, now teaches in Canada