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    Myanmar Police forced Rohingya family to sign as ‘militant’

    The family of Hafiz Dil Muhammad mourned before the police took away the body.

    By The Stateless Rohingya

    The Myanmar Police brutally killed a 47 years of Rohingya scholar and forced the family to sign as ‘militant’.

    MAUNGDAW: Hafiz Dil Muhammad hailed from Kya Gong Taung (Rabailla) village of northern Maungdaw was shot dead by the police while he was leaving his house on Wednesday at 11:30 am, October 19, 2016.

    Following the killing, the police and other armed forces summoned the village administrator, Nojim Uddin who was kept under the gunpoint and Dil Muhammed’s wife, Hajera Khatu and his 13-years old son were beaten to sign a paper claiming that he was a member of “militant” group.

    The body of decease was also taken away by the police and later buried in Muslim cemetery in Quarter 2 located in the downtown Maungdaw.

    Dil Muhammad leaves behind 9 family members who now live in the state of great humanitarian crisis without adequate food and the primary breadwinner for the family. The 47-years old Dil Muhammed specialized in teaching and memorization of the Quran. In the village he was widely considered as “a man of peace and noble, caring and humble person” who dedicated his life in teaching children how to properly recite the Quran.

    Hafiz Dil Muhammad seen on the way to madrasa school to teach the Quran.

    Hafiz Dil Muhammad seen on the way to a madrassa school to teach the Quran in Rabailla village.

    “The void leaves the family in great danger of starvation since there is no adult to take care of them. He is a man of peace and noble, caring and humble person who is loved by everyone in the village,” said a friend of Dil Muhammad who wants to remain anonymous.

    Since the attacks on Kyikanpyin Border Guard Police Commanding Centre, Kotankauk and Ngakhuya police outposts on October 9, Myanmar armed forces are carrying out military operation targeting Rohingya civilians in the northern Maungdaw Township, claiming more than hundreds of Rohingya lives in extrajudicial killings – mostly innocent Rohingya including women, children, religious scholars, youths and elders.