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Maungdaw: Myanmar Army’s Special Ops Killing of All Family Members

By Dr. Khubyb, The Stateless Rohingya (TSR News)

“A special Myanmar military operation has killed all the members of a Rohingya family in northern Maungdaw”

On 14th of October 2016 around 4 pm, Myanmar army conducted one of the most “notorious” raids in Luban Pyin hamlet (locally called as Luti Frang) in Kyet Yoe Pyin (locally called as Kiyari Farang) village tract in Northern Maungdaw, in which 14 civilians were killed, including an entire family with two children . This is one of the most gruesome killings of innocent Rohingya in the name of hunting attackers of the police out-posts.

Since the attack on three police out-posts by a group of people in the early morning last Sunday, Myanmar army conducted many raids, where several innocent Rohingya villagers were shot to dead and many were arrested. On 14th of October 2016 around 4 pm, a group of Myanmar military conducted a raid, which took place in Luban Pyin hamlet (locally called as Luti Frang) in Kyet Yoe Pyin – locally called as Kiyari Farang – in Northern Maungdaw. The villagers ran away from the village for the fear of the army’s indiscriminate shooting to dead and mass arrest except the family of Eliyas (son of Anees). The family members were unable to run away because one of the family members – a sister of Eliyas – gave birth to a baby two hours earlier.

The group of military entered to the compound of Eliyas family and started a “gruesome” killing of all family members. Within a matter of minutes, a family, caring a new born baby and its mother, was slaughtered in cold blood. Five people were killed including two children – 57 year old mother of Eliyas (shot dead); 22 years old Nayeema (gunshot) and 26 years old Monuara (shot dead), the two sisters of Eliyas; 3 years old daughter of Eliyas (shot dead); and 6 years old daughter of Manuara and Sayed Karim (shot dead). Nayeema (22 years) did not die immediately, and the military left her in gasping for fatal gun shot injury. The armies took photographs of the corpses by putting knives into the hands of the dead.

After the military withdrew from the village, the villagers came back to their homes and witnessed the “horrifying” scene, and the Nayeema in shock and gasping. While some of the villagers were trying to save Nayeema, and others were preparing for the funeral of the dead, the military raided the village again in early morning around 7 am October 15. The people had to run away into hiding for lives while leaving the dead and Nayeema-in-gasping. The military digged a grave in the nearby paddy field and carried all the corpses and Nayeema, who was still alive at that moment, into the grave, according to eye witnesses. Since then the village was blocked from access to the villagers.

“Gruesome, inhumane, cruel and degrading killing of an entire family including two children is shocking and terrifying.”

Source: Idris, brother of Eliyas