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Many Rohingya villagers killed in Myo Thu Gyi, outskirts of Maungdaw Town

By The Stateless Rohingya

Myanmar army killed seven including a 13 years old Rohingya boy in Myo Thu Gyi (Haindá fara), a village 3 mile from downtown Maungdaw.

Today at 5 am local time, when the army surrounded Rwa Hon and Thaun Pyint Nya hamlets of Myo Thu Gyi village, the villagers remained hiding in their respective houses out of fear of arrest and being killed. After the army found out some of the Rohingya villagers were looking through their houses, they stormed into the houses and dragged them to a nearby field where the Rohingya men were shot dead at close range without hesitation.

Among them was a 13 years old Rohingya boy who was mercilessly killed along with his 20 years old brother.

It is being reported that the bodies of the Rohingya villagers were taken away with the army truck.

The followings are the names of the murdered Rohingya from the two hamlets:

Rwa Hon –

  1. Mohammed Ayas (s/o) Kalam, aged 13
  2. Mohammed Hussain (s/o) Kalam, aged 20
  3. U Mujibur Rahman (s/o) Abdu Munaf, aged 30
  4. Nizam Uddin aka Darmindar (s/o) Ayas, aged 35

Thaun Pyint Nya –

  1. U Nooru (s/o) Nazim Ahmed
  2. U Na Gu (s/o) Kadir
  3. Unknown (s/o) U Younus, aged 18

Although BGP Central Command Centre where the first clash took place on Sunday, is more than 8 miles distance away from Myo Thu Gyi village, the army started killing spree of innocent Rohingya in several villagers across Maungdaw township, rather than protecting and safeguarding them.

The abuse of law and order to commit crimes against Rohingya is not excusable, but highly condemnable.

Information source: Rohingya Blogger

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