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Letter from a disappointed Rohingya: WHY THE WEAKEST ALWAYS HAS TO TAKE THE BLAME?

Rohingyas who were displaced by violence in 2012 stand outside their newly-rebuilt home in the village of In Bar Yi. CREDIT: Julia Wallace)

By Dr. Anita Schug, The Stateless Rohingya (TSR Article)

We, Rohingya are deeply concerned on the statements issued by renowned international institutions like EU-parliament, news agencies and governments following the recent attacks on Border post in Rakhine state. This has immensely harmed the Rohingya Community as a whole, destroying their peaceful image.

Before I start, let me remind you Rohingya have been struggling not for independence but for basic human rights in their own motherland Arakan, Burma. Despite continuing to be the victims of more than 50 years of state sponsored prosecution, Rohingya are still struggling only through peaceful means. Rohingya paid heavy price in the so called 2012 communal violence where three Rohingya men were falsely accused of the killing of a young Rakhine girl. Till today there hasn’t been any proper investigation to bring the real murderers of that innocent girl. The murderers of Rohingya are still enjoying state protection.

Rohingya community is facing the last stage of Genocide as many international independent institutions claim based on their extensive research. It is a fact that neither the Rohingya community is in a state of raising any arm struggle against the Burmese military nor they intend to do so in the near future. Do they have the means? Do they have the support? Rohingya neither have any support from their immediate neighbours like Bangladesh, Pakistan nor is the international community willing to upset their darling Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. Apart from few donations and hollow words, Rohingya have zero support from Gulf countries, who are busy dropping shells in Yemen and busy fighting regional wars. The rest of the world is busy with the Syrian crisis; busy not in stopping but watching how thousands of Syrians are dying. So this gives the Burmese military and Rakhine all the time they need to eliminate the Rohingya from Burma.

Since 2012, nothing has moved for the Rohingya towards a positive direction. It is deeply disturbing when EU-Parliament agrees not to use the word Rohingya in Burma. Not only this, EU Parliament goes far by only offering sympathies to the families of the victims who lost their lives in attacks on the three Rakhine border posts but not a single word for the Rohingya civilians who are again paying heavy prices. Instead of protecting this most prosecuted community, some news agencies and international institutions make a grave mistake by pointing fingers at Rohingya for the recent attacks or at least they are looking at Rohingya with great suspicion. Saudi Gazette writes” Rohingya turning violent!” Again the Burmese military succeeded in deceiving the world. Why do you get so easily trapped by what the Burmese government/military says? Why nobody questions the timing of this incident? Why this incident happened when Mr. Kofi Annan is making his investigation in Arakan? Note the timing of the 2012 violence. It occurred only at the time when Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was making her international tour of fame. Why such attacks did not take place earlier? Why not before Mr. Annan’s commission was formed? Why do they not think of the possibility that the military is trying to sabotage the peace process/reconciliation among the two communities? Is the Arakan army; militants protecting the rights of the Rakhine Buddhist involved? There have been active movements of Rakhine insurgencies from Bangladesh to Burma borders. Let us not forget that the Arakan army had recent clashes with the Burmese military! Has this to do with the recent discovery of huge number of drugs in Rakhine state where Burmese military and Arakan army is involved? I ask you all, why to scapegoat the Rohingya community for the crime they haven’t committed? Are there enough evidences to blame Rohingya? False propaganda of the emergence of a new Rohingya militant group is absolutely absurd. We, Rohingya as a whole, condemn the recent attacks and deny any involvement.  Still, why defenceless Rohingya have to pay with their lives? Let alone that it is a different question who made the attacks. It is very irresponsible to gun down innocent Rohingya civilians and dump them in mass graves. Why is the EU, United States and United Nation silent on this? Why? Is this the rule of law? Why no sympathy for us Rohingya? Is this not being hypocrites? Guilty or not, it is always the weakest who pays the price. The Rohingya in this case and the real perpetrators are still free, admiring their masterwork.

I have lost faith in big institutions who have done in the recent years more damage than good for the world. In today’s world one gets awards, recognition for keeping silent or taking the side of the oppressors. Rohingya are not only discriminated by their own government but also discriminated by the very governments who chant the slogans of justice and Humanity. I feel ashamed to be part of this world, where the most vulnerable is left out to die.

Is this the JUSTICE we are preaching our children? The international community is ready to ignore the Plight of the Rohingya but does not want to interrupt the honeymoon period they are enjoying with the new Myanmar still partly under the grip of the brutal military Junta.

Myanmar forcefully made us Rohingya stateless and you all directly or indirectly involved even take away the only thing we have; the hope of believing in Humanity. The powerful governments got inside Burma in the name of Human rights but once already inside Burma, they to bag Business Contracts, are willing to bargain their souls with the devil; the military Junta!