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    Bangladesh Coast Guard injured Rohingya handed over to Myanmar Border Guard Police

    Two Rohingya men from Hansar Bil village who have managed to escape from Myanmar military operation, which begins in norther Maungdaw Township on Sunday, October 9.

    Both men with the wounds sustained during the operation in their village crossed the border near Teknaf Port into Bangladesh to receive medical treatment, were arrested by Bangladesh Coast Guard and later handed over to the Myanmar counterpart at around 3:30 pm on Tuesday. Even though the men requested not to transfer to Myanmar fearing of further torture and perhaps being killed, the hand-over took place in Nakura Command Centre against their will and the found fear of persecution.

    The coast guard claims that they are given strict orders to assist the Myanmar guards while completely closing and restricting the movement in the border.

    The Myanmar army launches an offensive military campaign against unknown assailants who attacked a command centre in Kye Kan Pyin and now hundreds of Myanmar military and police officers continue crashing of Rohingya civilians with the application of “state of emergency” and curfew.