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An Islamic Scholar is brutally beaten in Minbya

By The Stateless Rohingya

Minbya, Arakan: An Islamic scholar is cruelly tortured to almost death by Rakhine extremist group at Zailla para near Minbya around 08 :00 am on 1st of October. The victim is reported as Rabbani, 25, son of Ali Zohar from Zailla Para village under Minbya township. A group of Rakhine extremists kisnapped him while he was on his way to Madarasa (Islamic school), located in Hadar village, where he gives lessons to the Rohingya children. He was kidnapped to the nearby Rakhine village, and tortured him using several weapons such as scissors, iron rods, sticks, etc. The extremist group has also taken one hundred thousands Myanmar kyats he had in his pocket. The victim is in critical condition.


The life of Rohingya is under attack from every aspect with no justice under rule of law.