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    Young Rohingya Herders Tortured and Extorted with False Allegation

    By The Stateless Rohingya

    Two Rohingya teenagers, both aged 13 were arrested on 19th September in Sittwe on the false allegation of attempt rape of a Rakhine girl.
    Muhammad Salim and Abdu Hadi, hailed from Alsang village, Sittwe township, live as cattle herders were arrested from a paddy field while herding their cattle by a group of Rakhine extremists near Aung Daing, a Rakhine village.
    Before both boys were taken to the police custody in Aung Daing village, they were inhumanely beaten and harrassed by the extremist group tiying up in front of the Rakhine villagers while spreading hatred and racism. From the custody, they were ransferred to Police Station No. 1, Sittwe where they were kept on the false allegation.
    Rohingya boy tortured
    Rohingya boy tortured
    The following day the police brought them back to their village at 7:50 pm and released temporarily by extorting 300,000 Myanmar kyats for each boy. The villagers were told not to send them to hospital for treatment as they await for court hearing on Saturday.
    Although they stated that there was nothing more than a greeting the boys and a Rakhine girl, the Rakhine extremists have taken the advantage of it to incite hatred and violence, and to suppress the already-oppressed Rohingya community. Rakhine extremists have been campaigning and persuating open-minded or peace loving minority Rakhine people for the total exclusion – cut off communication, business deal and friendship with Rohingya
    Rape is a tool that the Buddhist community used to start genocidal campaign against Rohingya as seen in June 2012 which has displaced more than 135,000 Rohingya, torched down their houses, shops, villages and mosques, killed hundreds and expelled more than 100,000 of them out of Burma through sea.