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Military beats Rohingya villagers in Thae Chaung

By The Stateless
Sittwe – A group of military from the battalion 263 entered Chae Chaung village, Sittwe in the early morning of September 2 and beaten up the Rohingya villagers inhumanely.
The incident took place when hundreds of villagers are on the street shopping and selling morning groceries at 9:30 am (Myanmar Time).
A witness who took the photos of the attacks said that the military personnel storm entered the market area and started beating whoever they found on the street and many Rohingya ran leaving behind everything to save their lives.
The attack was led by sergeant Hlaing Min Thaek who frequently raids the village and harasses Rohingya from time to time.
There has been reported that a number of Rohingya elderly and young people have been injured from sticks and batons of the military and worried of further attacks.
While almost all Burmese ethnic groups are attending the 21st Century Panglong Conference, Rohingya are neglected, denied of human rights, harass and persecuted in their own land.
Thae Chaung Thae Chaung Thae Chaung