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    MERHROM interviewed on situation of Rohingya in Malaysia

    By Mr. Zafar Ahmad bin Abdul Ghani
    Today on 24 August 2016 at about 12pm. I have met with some journalists from Malaysian National News Agency (Bernama) at our MERHROM office and discussed the issues of Rohingyas inside Burma under current NLD Government.
    Question 1: If Aung San Suu Kyi eager to take back the Rohingya in cooperation with the United Nations, do you want to return?
    Answered: Yes, we are ready to go back to Burma, if she could fulfill:-
    1) Accept with our genuine ethnic identity as Rohingya together with original status of bona-fide citizen of occupied Arakan by Burma,
    2) Bring before the justice of criminals who committed crimes against humanity under Genocidal action against Rohingya and ethnic cleansing in the country,
    3) Returning of all properties and rights to Rohingya without any conditions,
    4) Must ensure the Rights of self-determination towards Rohingya under federalism
    5) Must bring an end of squalid condition like IDPs and all kinds of restrictions in order to ensure full freedom
    Question 2: What is the situation of Rohingya in Malaysia and how the UNHCR help to get out from the camp if they were arrested?
    Answer: Situation of the Rohingya refugees in Malaysia is very bad which needs an amicable solution towards refugee crisis. By the way, UNHCR is responsible to deal with Immigration authority to get access for the released of detained Rohingya but the process takes long time where people have to suffer a lot.
    They UNHCR determine their refugee status under its mandates, even though the Rohingya do not need to interview.
    Question 3: What about the health situation of Rohingya?
    Answer: There is no specific hospital or clinic for Rohingya. Therefore, they have to pay 100 double payments in hospitals, if it compares with Malaysian national. If the Rohingya does not have UNHCR card, they have to pay unimaginable payment.
    Question-4: How the Rohingya survive?
    Answer: Rohingya are facing challenges for their survival as they are not legal under Malaysian Immigration Law. Many remain unemployed.
    Question 5: Why are producing MERHROM Card?
    Answer: There are over 60,000 Rohingya remain undocumented in Malaysia who are deserved for Refugee status. But no quarter has any particular data base. Therefore, we are trying to help Government and other diplomatic missions by collecting data base through providing Rohingya identity card as member of MERHROM.
    Question 6: How much may you charge?
    Answer: Ringgit Malaysia 100 which will cover producing fees, staff fees and other welfare sector of the organization and community.
    I requested to bring our voices to set free of all Rohingyas from all jails and detentions of every country like Malaysia India Saudi Arabia Thailand Bangladesh Indonesia and to ensure their due protection.