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Rohingya man sent to Hospital After Premeditated Killing Being Exposed

The Rohingya man remains in critical condition in Sittwe General Hospital.
By The Stateless
A pre-planned killing of a Rohingya man failed after it was being exposed to villagers.
Sittwe: A group of Rakhine extremists from Thichaung village premeditated to kill a Rohingya man from the neighbouring Rohingya village near the downtown of Sittwe, the capital of Rakhine State on January 15, 2016.
At 10 O’clock in the morning, the Rohingya man (whose name yet to be known) was persuaded by a 39 years old Rakhine man called U Kyaw Bo (son of U Hla Thun Phyu) to pick coconuts from his trees. As soon as the Rohingya man reached to U Kyaw Bo’s compound, a group of Rakhine extremists encircled and started beating according to their plan.
“When we found out the premeditated crime, the extremists stopped the beating, and U Kyaw Bo immediately called Thichaung village administrator, U Kyaw Win Swe (who is also known to the locality for his radicalism and extremism towards Rohingya) to send the Rohingya man to Takinphin Daythanda Clinic for the treatment”, said a witness who wants to be anonymous and is one of the villagers exposed the crime.

When U Kyaw Bo, U Kyaw Win Swe and U Than Swe Oo (a riot police officer) brought the man to the clinic, he was in life-threatening situation for which he was referred to Sittwe General Hospital to continue further treatment.
The Rohingya man remains in critical condition, fighting for life and death in the hospital where several Rohingya faced death due to deliberate medical negligence and killing, and rising racism among the predominately Rakhine healthcare staffs.
Thichaung village is a small Rakhine village next to Rohingya villages which become ghettos after the ongoing Genocide against Rohingya was undertaken in 2012 which broken the centuries old peaceful ties between Rohingya and Rakhine villagers.