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Rohingya Community Ireland Takes Part in The Diversity Day

Rohingya girls applying henna on a keen visitor. Photo/
Ireland: Rohingya Community Ireland participated in The Celebration of Diversity organized by Carlow Integration Forum on 26th September 2015.
The Celebration took place at Community Garden in Carlow (91km from Dublin) to share the unique background and diversity of various communities residing in the town. Twenty nationalities proudly joined hands in hands to mark the day with diverse events from 2:00pm to 5:00pm.

Dignitaries Attending the Diversity Day

Numerous dignitaries from the governmental officers, local political leaders to social workers engaged in The Celebration of Diversity with keen interests to further strengthen multiculturalism in the town of over 23,000 population which has significant history of tolerance towards different ethnic backgrounds and religions.

A visitor enjoying Rohingya traditional Glutinous Rice Pie, Dúu Fiça

The members of Rohingya Community who were resettled in 2009, shared their culture with the rest of the nationalities in the town with traditional food such as Dúu Fiça, Dúbpac Fiça, Sainá Fiça, Fakkón Fiça and glutinous rice.
While Rohingya men shared the historical background information with enthusiastic visitors, Rohingya girls entertained with a traditional dance and applying henna on hands to bring the colour to The Diversity day.
Rohingya Community Ireland 1

Rohingya boys pose with three flags they proudly behold in the hearts, Carlow Flag, Rohingya Flag and Burma Flag

The Celebration of Diversity creates ‘a shared sense of belonging in Carlow’ for Rohingya who are being persecuted in their place of birth, Burma (Myanmar) for being unique and different to the rest of the country’s 132 ethnic groups.