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Rohingyas turned out of flood shelters

By Tin Thein

Flood victims have been turned out of shelters by the police and army in Kyauktaw township.

On Friday, many Rohingyas took shelter in abandoned schools and community centres only to be turned out by the security forces who rushed to the scene.

Many Rohingya men were assaulted by the security forces in the process. They were told that these buildings were meant to shelter ‘those who belong to this country’ in a reference to the Rakhine Buddhist popullation.

The institutions were however lying empty at the time Rohingyas moved in. Later on the Rohingyas moved to the hilly areas where the flood water has not reached. The victims say these areas though free of flood water is extremely dangerous in the monsoon season and not fit for human habitation. Many including children are alsomspending the nights under heavy rain.

Throughout Arakan state, the army especially seemed very helpful towards the Rakhine people and helped many to escape the flood and reach safe zones.

In contrast, Rohingyas were blocked from going to safer zones.

Source Burma Times