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Life after the Ethnic Cleansing

A short interview on the life of a Rohingya women who has escaped from the ethnic cleansing in Burma (Myanmar), and taken refuge in an unregistered refugee camp in Bangladesh where her family continuously struggles and suffers the despair and miserable life since 2012.

The complete transcript of the interviewed conducted by Mr. OJ can be found below.

Mrs. Aisha:
Assalamualaikum (Peace be up you)
We came during the ethnic cleasning of Rohingya in 2012 to save our lives.

Mrs. Aisha: After arriving in Bangladesh, we’re suffering more, and we are trying (hard) to continue living. We have no peace here. We cannot think of how to live.
Mr. OJ: How many children do you have?

Mrs. Aisha: I have now 4 unmarried children at home.

Mr. OJ: What kind of tortures or persecutions have you suffered?

Mrs. Aisha: When they (Rakhine) were approaching towards us killing one after another, some of us have suffered, some are not. We escaped to save our lives.

Mr. OJ: How many years you have been here?

Mrs. Aisha:It has been 3 years escaping the killing and arrived in Bangladesh.

Mr. OJ: What is your name?

Mrs. Aisha: My name is Aisha.

Mr. OJ: Which part of Burma are you from?

Mrs. Aisha: We are from Shuda Para (Maungdaw, Arakan)

Mr. OJ: How long you have been staying in Shamlapur?

Mrs. Aisha: We have been here since we left Burma.

Mr. OJ: How many years now.

Mrs. Aisha: We are here for 3 years.

Mr. OJ: Do you have helps or supports from the government (Bangladesh) or any NGOs?

Mrs. Aisha: No, we don’t have any.

Mr. OJ: How do you survive here?

Mrs. Aisha: We go for daily labour with our children and fishing. That’s how we are living.

Mr. OJ: While you are working, are you paid properly by employers (Local Bangladeshi)?

Mrs. Aisha: Sometimes 200, 250 or 100 Taka.

Mr. OJ: Do you get chances for education and medical care for children?

Mrs. Aisha: We can’t go to local village school, but we try to educate children in temporary makeshift hut.

Mr. OJ: How about treatment?

Mrs. Aisha: We go to local doctors with whatever money we have.

Mr. OJ: What if you don’t have money?

Mrs. Aisha: If no money, then we don’t seek treatment and lives with illness (disease).

Mr. OJ: How old are you now?

Mrs. Aisha: 55 years old.

Mr. OJ: Do you ever have peaceful life besides persecutions?

Mrs. Aisha: We never saw peace.

Mr. OJ: Why didn’t you see peace?

Mrs. Aisha: Because Burmese government is cruel.

Mr. OJ: Why have you been persecuted? What is the main problem?

Mrs. Aisha: By the time we hear from people about killing and violence of distance place (Other parts of Burma), it has happened to our places.