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Rohingya refugee: Seeking ration foods entitlement and status of profile verification and registration rights after fulfilling legal demands

Rohingya refugee: Seeking ration foods entitlement and status of profile verification and registration rights after fulfilling legal demands

The most honorable

Country Representative (UNHCR)
Dhaka, House # NE (N)
Road # 90, Gulshan – 02,Dhaka – 1212. Bangladesh.


Your  Excellencies,
We extremely sorry to place before you the followings:
We under signed of the application beg to state that we are aboriginal & genuine registered refugees of UNHCR & GOB have been staying in the camps under your better co-operation, legal protection and assistance since 1992.
We have fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh for reasons of variety of persecutions and oppressions of Myanmar Military Junta as per on many grounds. We the Rohingya are being tortured and racial and religious stubborn discriminated for the reasons of races, religion, nationality and a social membership of political opinions etc. So, we have established well-founded fear of persecutions in our minds that we are intolerable really. However, the Arakan state of Burma is our old millennium country and native place & home land.
On 1992 when we fled, we were registered by GOB & UNHCR with the real names of our races and country by per our original & genuine state name is Arakan state of Burma and races name is Rohingya. So, we were registered according to these names with and written in our valid and supportive documents F/B similar to getting approval of Bangladesh Govt, are still remaining in our hands.
Later, our original & genuine names have been gradually changed and started force repatriation to Myanmar by the GOB & UNHCR. Hence, knowing of that attitude, we have made up hunger strike on 12th April 1999 in order to establish and remains our mentioned names and the demands of stopping force repatriation in spite of we are peace-loving and law-abiding registered refugees.
For the regards, we become ration refuse families (R.R.F) instead of we are ration deprived families (R.D.F). So, we are very sorry for the situation. Now, we are ready for receiving ration foods if the GOB &UNHCR fulfill our demands perfectly. Really, we are being quiet deprived from our ration foods entitlement rights since the time of strike. Presently, we have no place to take refuse in and no direction one is facing or moving towards.
Nowadays, we are seeking our ration foods entitlement and the status of profile verification & registration and fulfill our said demands according to refugee/human rights by adapting the Geneva Convention of 1951 and 1967 protocol.
Eventually, for the fact, we are being not only deprived & violated from our fundamental rights but also deprived and violated from the rights of education, treatment and child rights dreadfully that all because of head of sub office and protection officers of UNHCR Cox’s Bazar since the period of strike. Also, we are being violated from our refugees and human rights instead of humanitarian agencies are presenting in the operation. So, fighting hunger worldwide and call upon joint seminar of with you all to find out realities.
That’s why, essentially we are looking for human aids and we hopefully urged & all upon UN, EU, GOB, stake-holders, donor countries, world authoritative & competent countries, OIC, Human Right Watch, foundation house survivor on torture, Amnesty International, Asian countries and other who it may concerned to follow up the case to provide possible legal solution & resolution.

We, therefore, looking forward for your kind consideration and attention with having your excellencies sharp and deep sympathy over the prayed facts to fulfill and ensured our legal demands  and certainly regularize our ration foods entitlement and obliged thereby as soon as we are utmost feeble and vulnerable  stateless and homeless refugees. Thanks a lot.

Here with our demands are given below for your kind perusal:
  • Our races/ethnics and state names should be Rohingya and Arakan state of Burma in our UNHCR & GOB provided documents.
  • We the registered refugees should be lived in the Bangladesh according to criterion or option no-2 of refugees rights, that is by attaining local integrity until and unless our requisitions of repatriation are fulfilled and guaranteed by the Govt of Myanmar.
Here by attached and enclosed below the requisites for repatriation for your kind consideration:
  • Rohingya should be recognized and accorded as national citizen of Myanmar according to national code no.904 and would be ensured in the parliament of Myanmar and declare or broadcast through internationally.
  • Must be withdraw Ne Win’s citizenship law of 1982 under chapter (11) of section (03) because actually it is Rohingya cleansing and uprooting black or ill-law.
  • Democracy law would be regularized in the Myanmar.
  • Equal & Fundamental rights should be ensured and exercised similar to minority ethnics groups in the Myanmar.
  • Must be compensated and returned our wasted & seized valuable properties & assets and confiscated lands and crop lands also.
  • Must be stopped racial & religious stubborn discrimination.
  • Political & movements rights should be exercised by the Rohingya similar to other indigenous ethnics groups of Myanmar like Bamar, Rakhine, Kachin, Mon, etc.
  • UN office ought to be existed in the Rohingya territorial area in Arakan state.
  • All of the demands must be decided and resolved and recorded in the parliament of Myanmar and stopped all sorts of human rights violations and sectarian violence, especially on Rohingya.
  • The above mentioned demands should be promulgated by UN GOB and stake-holders internationally.
1) Mr. Banki Moon the UN Secretary General, Geneva Head quarter.
2) Mr. Barak Obama, The president of USA.
3) Mr. Antiniogeter, the High Commissioner.
4) Mr. Namibia, the Head of the Human Rights Watch.
5) Miss. Crist Lewa Deputy Head of the Human Rights Watch.
6) The Prime Minister of Russia.
7) The Prime Minister of India.
8) The Prime Minister of Malaysia.
9) The Prime Minister of China.
10) The Prime Minister of Pakistan.
11) The Prime Minister of Bangladesh.
12) The Foreign Minister of Bangladesh.
13) Disaster management Minister of Bangladesh.
14) The Prime Minister of Thailand.
15) The Prime Minister of Australia.
16) The Prime Minister of Germany.
17) The President of Iran.
18) The King of Saudi Arabia.
19) The Prime Minister of France.
20) The Prime Minister of England.
21) Amnesty International.
22) ABC (Australia)
23) Human Right Watch (America)
24) EU & European Commission
25) Amnesty International (Australia), Dr. Graham Thom, World Refugee Coordinator.
26) Foundation house, the victories foundation for survivors of torture Inc., Gardiner Street, Brunswick, victories 3056, Australia.
27) USA Embassy, Dhaka, Madani Avenue, Baridara, Dhaka -1212, Bangladesh.
28) UK Embassy, United Nations Road, Baridara, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
29) Switzerland Embassy, House # 18, Baridara, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
30) Myanmar Embassy, 106 Gulshan, Dhaka – 1212, Bangladesh.
31) Sweden Embassy, House # 01, Road # 31, Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
32) Canadian Embassy, House # 16/A, Road # 48.
33) Australian Embassy, 194, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
34) Japan Embassy, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
35) Voice of America (Bengali), Washington D.C 20547, USA.
36) BBC Section, P.O Box: 76, Bush House, London, W.C 2B4, England.
37) Refugee Relief and Repatriation Commissioner, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.
38) Head of Sub UNHCR, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.
39) United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Case Postal 2500, CH-1211, Geneva 2, Depot Suisse, Geneva, Switzerland.
40) Marcelo DAHER, Human Right Officer, SPD/ESCR, UK.
41) US Department of State, Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs, HST, Bidg, Room – 5251, 2201 C Street, NW Washington DC – 20520, USA.
42) Dr. Tim Morris, 80 Link side Avenue, Oxford, OX 28 JB, UK.
43) European Parliament, Officer PHS 02C39, Rue Wiertz 60, B1047, Brussels.
44) District Commissioner, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.
45) Parliament Member, Ukhiya, Teknaf, Bangladesh.
46) Shepherd street Cheppanddte nsw 2008.
47)  The Prime Minister of Turkey.
48) Mr. Cantina, Refugee Coordinator, Human Right Watch.
49) The Prime Minister of Canada,
50) The Prime Minister of New Zealand,
51) The Prime Minister of Japan.
52) The Prime Minister of Indonesia.
We remain your obedient registered Refugee applicants:
All of Nayapara Camp. Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar.
SL Name MRC Shed Room Block Person Signature
1 Md Ali 00944 E 6
2 Noor Mohammad 01508 E 5
3 Hossain Ahamed 05533 E 8
4 Shofi Ullah 20601 E 9
5 Abdu Monaf 02844 904 06 E 11
6 Mohammed Islam 00809 975 06 E
Ration books confiscated or food deprived families since 19th April 1999 to 2014 and not attended at joint Verification by UNHCR and GOB for forcibly Repatriation.
SL Head of family MRC N0. Shed No. Room N0. Block Total  f/ mbrs
01 Mohammed Ali 00944 E 05
02 Nur Mohammed 01508 E 05
03 Shofi Ullah 29601 E 11
04 Salay Ahamed 28485 B 15
05 Hussain Ahamed 05533 B 01
06 Zafor 36040 B 02
07 Ahamed Hussain 55800 E 01
08 Abdullah 00837 E 08
09 Asima khatun H
10 Abdul Matalob 01510 12
11 Md Alam 16883 E 07
Not attended at joint Profile Verification of UNHCR and GOB in 2014.
SL Head of family MRC N0 Shed N0 Room N0 Block Total f/mbrs
01 Sayed Hussain 01509 I 08
02 Mamadur Rahaman 53367 1207 2/3 H 11
03 Abdu Monaf 02844 904 06 E 11
04 Habi Uzzaman 54154 712 03 D 02
05 Mohammed Yusuf 17808 H 08
06 Abdu Rashid 16957 H 08
07 Namia Khatun 49873 710 02 D 05
08 Lokman Hakim 39985 902 1/2 E 15
09 Mohammed Shofi 5578 710 4/5 D 13
10 Abdul Motalab 37297 712 1/2 D 16
11 Abdul Karim 39030 642 03 H 01
12 Marium Khatun 3537 642 03 H 09
13 Sura Khatun 37296 C 10
14 Nur Khatun 21616 C 01
15 Gul Maher 01730 903 1/2 E 05
16 Mohammed Sayed 37929 712 04 D 08
17 Ula Mea 11617 D 03
18 Kadir Huaasin 50488 678 01 H 10
19 Rashid Ahamed 52522 533 3/4 I 10
20 Hussain Ahamed 20061 I
21 Mohammed Ali 39692 650 06 H
Families of not taken food cards.
SL Head of family MRC N0 Shed N0 Room N0 Block Total f/mbrs
01 Rashid Ullah 66551 681 4 H 01
02 Shajida parveen 43324 678 02 H 08
03 Mohammed 44594 678 01 H 06
04 Md Hassan 00127 69 06 H 07
05 Nabi Hussoin 43148 69 06 H 07
06 Hussoin 20061 415 I
07 Gulsam Ba 80068 527 05/06 I
08 Md Solim 2244 528 02 I
09 Rashida 44594 678 03 H 04
10 Salima Khatun z-127 211 02 H 04
11 Md Siddique 25268 E
12 Kushida Begum 13476 739 06 D 09
13 Najim Uddin 0553 719 01/02 D
 Source BurmaTimes