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    Demonstration of Exiled Rohingya against 1982 Burma Citizenship Act

    By Ibrahim Shah / Mohamed Ibrahim
    October 18, 2014 

    New Delhi: Today, on Saturday, 18thOctober, a peaceful demonstration regarding ‘the ongoing forced Bengalization over Rohingya through Rakhine Action Plan, arbitrarily detention, disappearance of Rohingya detainees from police custody and controversial Burma Census 2014’ was carried out by about four  hundreds exiled Rohingyas including female under authority of Rohingya Youth Union-India at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi.

    In the demonstration, the participants disclosed that the exclusion of Rohingya national from controversial Burma census 2014 is one of the concealed plots of quasi-military regime led by President Thein Sein to persistently deprive of citizenship rights of Rohingya.

    Moreover,the demonstrators demanded that UN should be able to immediately prevent  Rakhine Action  Plan which is being conducted under 1982 Burma Citizenship Act drafted by Dictator Ne Win as the Burmese authorities including Border Guard Police (BGP) in western Burma are perpetrating in a vast momentum a series of unprecedented crimes against Rohingya—judicial killings, inhumanely torture in detention centers and rape— to implement it before final declaration of the result of controversial Burma census 2014.
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    The demonstration paper of RYU-INDIA is attached in the below
    On 18 Oct 2014, The Rohingya Youth Union of India (RYU IND) have presented a peaceful demonstration successfully with 300 to 400 participants including women and children at the place (Jatar Mantar) in New Delhi, Idemo3ndia. The presentation of the demonstration is to take a necessary measurement to clutch Burma to be hold accurate accountability on the preliminary chaotic result of controversial Burma census. Which has been running since 30 May 2014 in which Rohingya nations were excluded from participation. So, we   need to be a genuinely inclusive and constructive way to restore our Citizenship Rights which was revoked in the Citizenship Act of 1982 and to have an inclusive transparency policy towards ethnic minority Rohingya.
    Currently, most of Myanmar 1.1 millions Rohingya already live in apartheid-like condition in western Rakhine State and need permission by paid to travel from village to another. Also most of the maulana and youth have been killed brutally by BGP of Myanmar accusing linked to armed group also to implement with Rakhine Action Plan along the border of Bangladesh in Maung Daw.
    Therefore, UN should be stand for by the obligation of Myanmar under international law and Human rights law covenants and take all the necessary measurement to stop the violence. Mainly, 1982 citizenship law must be amended because Rohingya will be identified only when he/she can show documents of residency in Myanmar before 1823, in this case none of Rohingya can show their document as 200 years is a long gap to keep document in order to apply for citizenship. Moreover, many villages have been burnt and harassed, for this their documents were damaged, burned, lost and etc by the state violence . Also 1982 law was drafted for foreign migrants or Bangali Rakhine migrants who are currently settled at the confiscated land of Rohingya in Maung Daw along the border of Bangladesh and applied during 1993.
    That’s why the 1982 citizenship law is no concern with Rohingya citizens as they have been staying in Myanmar since 7 century earlier than 1823. We have historical bold proof about presence of Rohingya can not be erased by Myanmar Government. According to 1948 citizenship Act, the generation of citizens are citizens also Rohingya were considered as citizens as others ethnic in Myanmar since last 60 years ago.
    Subsequently, why do Rohingya need to apply for citizenship after 60 years in the same nation? So we request to the United Nations,  Government of India as well as other neighbors countries to heed on Rohingya Problems and to press on Myanmar Government immediately.
    Warm Regards,
    MD Sabber,
    Rohingya Youth Union of India (RYU IND
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