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Arbitrarily detention and killings take place over Rohingya in western Burma

By Ibrahim Shah
Today( 8th October), it is reported from inside western Burma that on the night of 7th October a team of Border Guard Police of Burma (BGP) raided one Rohingya Islamic school situated at Maung Nama hamlet from Maungdaw district and arrested 8 Islamic scholars.
The arrested scholars are detained in the head quarter of disbanded Nasaka department situated at Kyee Ken Pyin( Hawarbeel in Rohingylish), Maungdaw Township.
Updated news for those Rohingya detainees who were detained on 26th and 27th September
When their families went to BGP camp, they (BGP) responded that they (the detainees) were sent to Maungdaw police station. And, when they went there, Maungdaw police team said that they don’t know in fact where the detainees are kept.  Finally, 5 dead bodies of Rohingya people who were respectively detained by BGP on 26th and 27th September are found in river.
According to internal source, it is learnt that these kinds of sudden raid and arbitrarily arrest against Rohingya have been taking place nowadays throughout Maungdaw Township. The main reason to conduct such unexpected raid and arbitrarily arrest against Rohingya by BGP is a kind of persecution to force them for engagement in Rakhine Action plan which was addressed to be conducted since earlier October in Rakhine state by foreign minister Wunna Maung Lwin in UN General Assembly.
One Rohingya teacher remained anonymity due to fear of arrest told to Burma Times that “we terribly fear that how long the ongoing arbitrarily arrest will be continued against us as the BGP arrests our youths and bearded ones in the name of investigation whether  they are involved in activities of so called disbanded Rohingya Solidarity Organization which was located in Bangladesh and our people who are arrested  have no chances to return homes ”.
“It is a great shock that the BGP comprised mostly Rakhine radicals tortures unto death to the detained Rohingya people and throw the dead bodies into river. When the relatives of the detainees inquire that where they are kept, BGP says check in police station, and police says check in head Quarter of BGP when they go to there. Finally, after some days, the dead bodies of detainees are thrown into river one by one”, reported by the relatives of those detainees whose information is not obtained from BGP.