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A major Challenge for UN: Rohingya created golden Chance for Consolidation of UN in SEA

By Ibrahim Shah 
October 17, 2014
UN, the world’s leading institution for peace establishment, must be able to make Burma withdrawal from implementation of ‘Rakhine Action plan’ that is being conducted in western Burma under 1982 controversial Burma Citizenship Act which is aimed at deportation of many Rohingya and forcing registration to them as Bengali. If UN becomes miscarriage over Rohingya issue, Democracy movement will be struck by Communism in south East Asia (SEA).
The mixed descendents of the Indo-Aryan people, the ethnic Rohingya people (the first settlers of Arakan), densely inhabit generations by generations in western Myanmar (formerly Burma) known as Rakhine state (formerly Arakan) since before the advent of Myanmarese (formerly Tibeto-Burman).
The ethnic Rohingya community, internationally declared as one of the most persecuted minorities, has been experiencing long state-sponsored discrimination and persecution since 1962.
Rohingya are banned from governmental careers and higher Arakan-mapeducation, and restricted in movement, medical treatment, and are subjected to arbitrarily arrest, arson attack, molestation, judicial killings, disappearance, torture in unknown detention centers and displacement.
“The most appalling is that Rohingyas face malnutrition as they cannot go outside home to pursue daily existence due to official blockage in western Burma.”
Rohingya plight was exposed since 1978 but international community has been eerily silent due to lack of ‘Rohingya arm struggle’.
Since 1945 after World War II, the global institution United Nations had declared it will internationally maintain peace and security. As well as, UN internationally declared Universal Declaration of Human Rights aiming at restoration of human rights. Since the time UDHR was declared, the most dreadful tension of humanity at large which was the major barrier to enjoy freedom was reduced from the reiterative tragic thoughts of human brain.
According to article 2 of the charter of UDHR, “Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status…”
In the turn of Rohingya, the Burmese government complies with article 2 of UDHR by reverse after enacting discriminatory Acts year by year.
It is so deplorable today in this 21st century of sophisticated Technology era we come across daily that Rohingya people flee Myanmar to escape arbitrarily arrest, Buddhist terrorism, persecution and molestation in the name of raid in so called check points which are set up aiming at harassing Rohingya ladies. Indeed, for Rohingya people, UDHR appeared it remained in the text without implementation and also its fundamental mood of ‘peace for humanity at large’  turned into self-interest because  worst criminal rulers of Burma including so called reformist Presdient Thein Sein are awarded by those countries which advocate for Democracy to be able building major infrastructure by which it can beget multi-Dollar.
According to Article 3 of UDHR that reads “everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person”, where is the right of Rohingya to life freely under security while they are being harassed by Burmese officials and Rakhine extrmists through daily new genocidal methods?
Again, it is witnessed that UDHR remained in the text without being implemented by its founders while it critically needed for Rohingya human rights in Burma.
Article 14.1 of UDHR that reads everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution. However, it is miserable to obviously find that none of the ASEAN countries comply with UDHR because hundreds of Rohingya face detention in Thailand and Malaysia.
Article 15.1 of UDHR that reads everyone has the right to a nationality. In the turn of nationality of Rohingya in Burma, this article 15.1 was deleted from text by Burmese quasi-military regime led by President Thein Sein and replaced by forced Bengalization enacting territorial Act known as Rakhine Action Plan aiming at absolutely reversing to UDHR.
UN has full responsibility to protect human rights in Burma, and it should be brought in the list of worst human rights violators as well as should be prosecuted for its violation of UDHR.
It is in fact nothing more than a mockery that the quasi-military regime led by hand-picked member of ex-generals reformist president Thein Sein has been reversing UDHR after enacting genocidal policies in western Burma and has been deceiving with UN after sending respective delegations to UN General Assembly in every year to comfort international community with their sweet voices that Burma takes many constructive steps to emerge from poverty and conflicts.
The Rakhine Action Plan that will be carried out in a vast momentum in western Burma since this running month October will cause eternal deprivation of the fundamental rights of Rohingya who spend lives in apartheid-like conditions in western Burma.
According to a draft obtained by Reuters, the plan proposes that authorities “construct temporary camps in required numbers for those who refuse to be registered and those without adequate documents”.
Moreover, it states that the government will ask the U.N. Refugee Agency, the UNHCR, for help to resettle overseas those who fail to obtain citizenship.
This is profoundly troubling because the so called Rakhine Action Plan will certainly strip of the rights of Rohingya, lock them down en masse in closed camps where judicial killings will take place due to torture and rape by so called Burmese officials who are appointed amongst Rakhine thugs to oppress Rohingya in western Burma.
As UN advocates for human rights as well as it gives precedence to human dignity, UN is obligated to protect human rights of Rohingya in western Burma where Rohingya are brutally mistreated by government in the way Hitler carried out holocaust over Jews.
Let’s make an attempt to find out difference between Acts passed by German government since 1930s over Jews and by Burmese government over Rohingya since 1960s
Initially the German government passed laws to exclude Jews from civil society, most prominently theNuremberg Laws of 1935. A network of concentration camps was established starting in 1933 and ghettos were established following the outbreak of World War II in 1939.
Similarly, in the very beginning, Mayu Frontier Administration area covering the most Rohingya populous Townships—Maungdaw, Buthidaung and the western portion of Rathedaun— was cancelled by 1962 military coup in 1964 as well as Rohingya broadcasting programme was excluded in 1966. In 1974, the name of western part of Burma was changed from Arakan to Rakhine aiming at erasing the evidences of Rohingya existence. In 1982, Rohingya was eliminated from officially recognized ethnicities and they were banned from participation in official careers, travelling and higher education since 1990s.
Through these kinds of slow genocidal plans, in 2012, Burmese and Rakhine oppressive authorities finally made Rohingya as illegal immigrants or stateless people.
UN should be able to strategically play its globally united role in Burma in order to save the lives of Rohingya because the objective of Burmese government in Rakhine Action Plan regarding Rohingya is not observed transparency that government in reality carries out the plan for peace, stability, harmony and development of all people in Rakhine state.
Otherwise, initially, Chinese Communism will gradually eradicate Democracy in South East Asia as well as it might certainly occupy the presidency of UN.
The head of ruling government ( Burman) and the Rakhine people are like water, ice and vapor which can return to its first shape. They, both items( Burman and Rakhine),  love China because China assists them as Ethnic Burman are descended from Tibeto-Burmans and the ethnic Rakhines were settled in Arakan by ethnic Burman.
Thus to prevent eradication of Rohingya from western Burma is a major challenge for UN because China might certainly occupy the presidency of UN after strengthening Communism in South East Asia as well as across the world.
Diplomatically, UN should focus to usefully operate the opportunity created by Rohingya for restoration of deprived rights of Rohingya in western Burma and re-establishment of Mayu Frontier Administration to be able to ensure Democracy in (SEA) countries as well as escalation of UN influence.  UN should watchfully observe that how China is gradually grasping productive places in Asia as well as other parts of the world to be able to occupy the presidency of UN.