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Myanmar Border Police Arbitrarily Arrest Innocent Rohingyas for Ransom

By Rohingya Eye
August 13, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan: The Myanmar Border Police (BGP) in southern Maungdaw arbitrarily arrest and torture innocent Rohingyas for ransom, causing severe difficulties among the local Rohingyas, according to the sources.

Similarly, the Police arrested three innocent Rohingyas on August 5 in Thawan Chaung village and released them only after extorting huge amounts of money from them.
“Border  Guard  Police  (BGP)  of  Inn  Dinn  (Aan  Daang)  station  arbitrarily  arrested  three  Rohingya  passers-by  at  Thawan  Chaung (also called Bossara Village)  village  in  southern  Maungdaw  around  10PM  on  August  5.  Having  extorted  humongous  amounts  of  money  from  each  of  them,  the  police  released  them  on  the  next  day  (i.e.  August  6).  They  are: 
1)  Khayas  (son  of)  Fazal  Hoque  (of  age  25)  hails  from  Thawan  Chaung,  Kyat  250,000  extorted
2)  Salimullah  (son  of)  Hashim  (of  age  18)  hails  from  Thawan  Chaung,  Kyat  300,000  extorted
3)  Dil Mohammed (son of) Nabi Hussein (of age 50) hails from Ko Dan Kauk in Rathedaung Township and came to Thawan Chaung to cultivate paddy, Kyat 200,000 extorted” said a local Rohingya of the village.
“The Police arrested them under the false accusation of roaming outside in curfew time post 11:00PM. However, it was just 10:00PM when they were arrested.

They often arrest and torture innocent Rohingya people abusing the power and authority given to them” he added.